Jim Kirkpatrick / Romeo's Daughter         The Diamond, Sutton in Ashfield 17.03.17

By Lindsay Smith-Boam


The Diamond has played host to many classic rock bands and greats for decades and Friday night was another great night for AOR music.


Jim Kirkpatrick is well known as the guitarist with the mighty FM, known for his talent on guitar but also for his great voice, his band, the original JLS appear locally pretty often and he tours alongside the great Bernie Marsden.

The crowd, albeit very thin on the ground for the Diamond (Thunder were playing locally), were treated to some great covers and also brilliant acoustic versions of some FM classics.  Jim’s skills on the acoustic guitar are awesome – a one man band with dexterity and skill, and some great stories to boot.


Romeo’s Daughter rocked into their set with ‘Heaven in the Back Seat’, ‘Attracted to the Animal’, Velvet Tongue, Touch, classic after classic, delivered note perfect by the amazing Leigh Matty – timeless voice and timeless beauty.  Leigh Matty, was voted Number 5 Lady Rock Singer of all time in Classic Rock Magazine and the minute she sings, you understand why.  


Craig Joiner (guitar), Andy Wells (drums), Steve Mills (Bass, covering for Ed Poole) and Leigh have a chemistry on stage which draws you in and has you smiling and singing along, enjoyment in abundance. 


From the hits and classics including ‘Wild Child’ (a hit for Heart) to the lesser known ‘Mercy’ and the stunning acoustic version of ‘Will Be’ performed by Craig and Leigh, this was a night of memories.  A great set, a great evening’s entertainment from a great band.  Thank you guys! – I look forward to the next time… 


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