JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR - The Corn Exchange, Cambridge - 09.11.17



Well, this was a very civilised concert that I wasn’t expecting. The audience were all quietly seated and eagerly awaiting Joanne and her band’s performance which commenced bang on the chimes of 9 o’clock as advertised.


Joanne is a wonderfully talented blues rock guitarist and singer. She has already become one of the most popular British blues performers with performances on the Jools Holland show and she will be headlining the Royal Albert hall in a couple of days time. Going on this polished performance I can only predict that she will likely become an enormous superstar in the not too distant future. Joanne has the perfect husky voice for blues rock, slightly further enhanced by a cold, which she didn’t let bother her at all.


Her greatest asset is her awesome guitar skills which she let flow all night long over the 15 tracks that she played. On stage she was joined by three other musicians Luige Casanova on bass, Soul Cameron on drums and Bob Pixxy on keyboards. The bass was deep and throbbing and vibrated everything loose in the hall, the drums were gentle with just enough punch when called upon, and the keyboards were balanced while not over powering Joanne’s guitar which led all tracks. Her songs all blended well together and took you on a journey of ups and downs as she varied the tempo constantly through the set, playing tracks from the 6 albums she has released over the past 8 years. Her guitar skills covered both slow riffs and fast playing solos which she could master equally well. Her slowest track of the night was ‘Tried, Tested and True’ which she told us she wrote after a relationship breakdown. It was performed perfectly with soft yet strong vocals, hard hitting bass and great guitar skills. This track was followed up by a cover ‘Bones’ that Joanne recalled from her childhood in the Black Country from a band called The Hoax. It was a bouncy blues track which showed the audience the multiple skills Joanne has in varying both her style and tempo of her portfolio. She finished off the night playing two tracks in her encore including one of her most recent and famous singles, ‘Mud Honey’.


The audience remained very polite and appreciative throughout Joanne’s performance politely applauding after each track and then remaining silent allowing Joanne to speak before the next track started. All in all, it was a very civilised evening but thoroughly enjoyable listening and watching the incredible talent that Joanne is. She will become enormous, just you watch.


The night’s track list consisted of; ‘Dyin to Know’, ‘Nothing to Lose’, ‘No Reason to Stay’, ‘Jump That Train’, ‘Diamonds in the Dirt’, ‘Tried, Tested and True’, ‘Bones’, ‘Time has Come’, ‘You Should Stay, I Should Go’, ‘Just Another Word’, ‘Wanna be my Lover’, ‘Wild is the Wind’, ‘Tied and Bound’, ‘Going Home’ and ‘Mud Honey’.


To find out more go to Joanne Shaw Taylor on Facebook:


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