Joe Lynn Turner - Hard Rock Cafe - Oslo 24.03.17

Lindsay Smith - Boam


Well this intrepid gig goer decided that to see the legend that is Joe Lynn Turner, some miles must be travelled.


A packed Hard Rock Café eagerly waited for the 65 year old American to enter the stage, a distinct buzz in the air and an expectant tension, as the band consisting of Magnus Rosen (Bass), Samuel Olsson, (Keys), Darby Todd (Drums) and Jorge Salan (Guitar) took to the stage…


Death Alley Driver, I Surrender, Can’t Let You Go, Can’t Happen Here, Stone Cold, Spotlight Kid, MISS Mistreated, the classic songs kept coming, celebrating JLT’s success with Rainbow and Deep Purple. Classics including Highway Star, The Cut Runs Deep all thrown in, interspersed with stories and anecdotes from his time in both bands.  Throw in Rising Force from Joe’s time with the enigmatic Yngwie Malmsteen and its an exhausting high energy set list from a singer who can still cut it live!  Slowing things down with a simply stunning version of one of his solo tracks from the Rescue You album, Endlessly was sung with passion and showed how strong and stunning Joe’s voice is. 


The band were tight and Jorge Salan has to be commended for wonderful interpretations on his Les Paul of some very well-known Blackmore riffs, including those of Long Live Rock and Roll that finished the set.


While there is criticism of many ‘older’ vocalists losing their power and range, this cannot be aimed at Mr Turner, no backing vocals just a bloody good band and a still strong, melodic, energetic and entertaining performance. 


JLT rarely comes to the UK and unless you caught his headline appearance at HRH AOR in 2016, you may have forgotten just how good those melodic tones and classic songs that are firmly established in rock history are.  I strongly recommend checking out Joe Lynn Turner not just live but have a trawl through all his back catalogue, he is a prolific songwriter and performer and makes many other high profile AOR bands look lazy……

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