KILLIT with support from RYDERS CREED / BLACK WHISKEY / IZZY THOMAS - The Underworld London 12.04.18



First up is an impressively fresh young talent; singer/songwriter Izzy Thomas. Accompanied by a lone guitar, her raw soulful vocals are enchanting and strong. Songs like ‘Mad’ are propelled by her strong smoky voice and an impressive number of people have turned up early to watch her sing.


Slower numbers like ‘Sell Your Soul’ have an elegant almost jazzy quality without being boring. A stripped back cover of ‘Human’ is a particular highlight. Ending her all too brief set with ‘Trouble’ Izzy seems genuinely pleased, if not surprised, that a decent crowd has gathered before 8pm. As she takes a bow I think most of the crowd are in agreement - she is one to watch in the future.



Wicked Way


Sell Your Soul

Human (rag n bone man cover)



Follow Izzy Thomas here:


It’s a shame the same can’t be said for Black Whiskey. Despite putting in a decent effort, the band never seem to hit their stride tonight and towards the end of their set some of the audience have visibly lost interest, drifting back to the bar. Songs like ‘Bitter Pill’ or ‘King Of The Blind’ are perfectly decent numbers but they don’t leave any impact. At times the band themselves seem to be lacking energy too - bassist Craig Nabbs looks genuinely bored while he delicately picks his instrument. Frontman Simon Gordon and guitarist Kev Ingles are both working up a sweat and cracking on with some decent riffs but it’s the lack of any properly memorable songs that lets the band down tonight.


Black Whiskey are:

Simon Gordon - Vocals
Kev Ingles - Guitar
Rich Bannister - Drums
Craig Nabbs - Bass


Follow the band here:


Thankfully the next band on the bill are positively bursting with energy. Ryders Creed positively explode onto the stage with the bang of `Headspace` and continue to play with headliner levels of attitude and excitement. Frontman Ryan Hulme is a marvel , spinning, jumping and doing everything short of a backflip while never missing a note. Songs like `Set You Free` have guitarists Lee Spencer and Myles Cooper trading licks and solos while they move along with upbeat riffing and a sound that reminds me of early Aerosmith.


Their hard rocking tribute to a certain brand of spiced rum, `Raise The Hoof` hits the right spot tonight and the crowd seem to be loving it. Ryders Creed’s setlist consists mainly of songs from their upcoming debut album and based on what we have heard tonight it promises to be a good one.





On The Road

Set You Free


Begging For More

Raise The Hoof

My Life



Ryders Creed are:

Ryan Hulme - Lead vocals
Lee Spencer - Guitar
Myles Cooper - Guitar
Richard Clark- Bass
Lee Gilbert - Drums


Follow the band here:


Finally we reach the headliners who need no introduction, but get one anyway. Between regular stints at Camden rock institution Metalworks and some select local shows, KilliT have become a staple of the London rock scene over the last several years. Tonight they treat the gathered crowd to a superb hour and a half of rock and roll thunder.


Songs like ‘Shut it Down’ and ‘Draw The Line’ are simply great modern hard rock songs - melodic, heavy and catchy. Combining a bluesy Slash-like tone with often blistering speed, lead guitarist Niro Knox is surely one of the best guitarists in the UK, if not of his generation. Young Swiss lady Claire Genoud on rhythm guitar is a wonderful new addition to the band, providing the perfect grounding for big solos of songs like ‘Crash And Burn’. Drummer Pete Jean is a furiously energetic presence, smashing sticks left, right and centre and with new man Ben Smart on bass it’s a hard combination to beat.


Frontman Gaz Twist might be an understated presence on stage but his voice is just superb tonight - it has power and versatility that comes to the front on ‘Ain’t Playing Your Game’. New song ‘Love Is The Chemical’ is another shining example of how strong KilliT’s songwriting is and it bodes very well for their upcoming album. ‘Don’t Look Back’ boasts a blazing Zack Wylde style of riff that leads to a soaring chorus and solo breakdown - it’s the perfect way to end their set and the night.


With a new album on the horizon and slot at Stonefree Festival in June, it seems KilliT are now firmly on the upward trajectory.



Calm Before The Storm

Take The Power

Say My Name

Waiting for The Day

Shut It Down

Draw The Line

Love Is The Chemical

Dragging Me Down

Ain’t Playing Your Game

Our Last Goodbye

Crash And Burn

See The End

Don’t Look Back


Killit are:

Niro Knox - Lead Guitar

Gaz Twist - Lead vocals

Pete Jean - Drums

Claire Genoud - Guitar

Ben Smart - Bass


Follow The Band here:


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