Killit - The Monarch, Camden 15.01.17

By Kahmel Farahani


Following their triumphant headlining show at The Underworld last September and with a slot at the Giants of Rock festival coming up soon, Killit returned to their home venue The Monarch* in Camden town last Sunday night and quickly proceeded to show a packed room that real hard rock is still alive and kicking like a mule in 2017.


"Crash And Burn" has Alter Bridge vibes with Metal riffing before a soaring chorus lifts you up.

"Ain't Playing Your Game" starts with a rollercoaster of a riff from the Zakk Wylde school of playing into a sing along chorus and then a bass solo breakdown! These guys have the skill to go off-road as it were - a modern rock sound with the grit still intact.


The band themselves have talent to burn - guitarist Niro Knox plays with a style that reminds of Randy Rhoads blazing fret work mixed with a healthy dose of Slash's style of dirty blues licks. Niro cut his teeth covering all the very best guitar players on earth and it shows in his own playing - formidable.


Vocalist Gaz Twist has a range and control to his singing that would make most vocal coaches jealous. With no extra flash or clichéd posturing, he simply belts out song after song with the confidence of a man who knows he is owning the song. Single "See The End" is a particularly rocking track live, giving the whole band room to fly.


At the same time drummer Pete Jean and rhythm guitarist Byron Marr provide the back bone groove (it's oddly refreshing/exciting to watch a drummer following the guitars rather than the bass!)


Tonight Bass duties are covered by special guest Gus Macricostas (Who I'm told had only 2 days to learn the songs for the first time - it certainly doesn't show tonight). 


Finishing with a surprisingly phenomenal cover of Ozzy Obourne's "Desire" it takes me a minute to realise it's not one of their own songs!


With more live dates & a new album in the pipeline for 2017, the future looks very bright for these guys and we think they can definitely go the distance to even bigger things.

After all, they are already killing it.




*(On a side note , if you live in London and love live music & Rock n' Roll then Metalworks at The Monarch is the ONLY place to be on a Sunday night - a local institution , this musicians bar has shown over and over again that it is a true incubator for great talent. The place to go If you still need proof that new Rock music is most definitely alive and vital in 2017)


Thank you to Sally Newhouse for very kindly allowing us to use her photographs to accompany our review! Check out the rest of her awesome photographs at the links below:


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