KILLIT / THOSE DAMN CROWS - Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff 15.07.17

David Lydiard

(Photo Credits: Mark Young Photography)


Crazy Cowboy Live Events run by Alec and Steph put together a stellar lineup for a drizzly Saturday night in Cardiff. Having seen the bands live before, albeit only a couple of Killit songs, I knew what to expect and I was excited going in. There was a buzz in the air, and a lot of chatter outside and expectations for the night were pretty high. So what did we get?


Main support for the evening were the “local” favourites, Those Damn Crows. The Bridgend five-piece brought the crowd with them and delivered another superb set. Having recently brought the house down at WildFire Festival, they had the Cardiff crowd eating out of their hands. Playing favourites such as ‘Don’t Give A Damn’, ‘Someone Someday’, ‘One Of These Nights’ and crowd singalong ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Dead’, Those Damn Crows tore through their set offering crunchy yet catchy riffs from Shiner and Dave, a powerful yet melodic rhythm section from Ronnie and Lloyd and a thoroughly engaging frontman in Shane, who never fails to deliver the goods. New song ‘Going Down’ got the crowd moving and shows a glimpse into what is to come for future recordings. The only negative about their set was that it was cut short by two songs due to the strict curfew laws in place, it sadly meant that the fans were short changed.


This then brings us to our headline act of the night, Killit. The London based Hard Rock five-piece are a talented group and currently embarking on their first UK tour. Having not seen a full live performance from them before, I was intrigued to see what they were like over the course of a full set. They were everything I thought they’d be! It was a show full of good old fashioned hard rock with the guitar duo of Niro and Claire churning out massive riffs, Pete delivering a monster performance on the drumkit and Gaz showcasing his tremendous abilities as a vocalist. Seriously, he is so talented and versatile. For me, Killit were superb. Each member is as talented as the last and Niro is an extremely impressive lead guitar player. Their most recent album ‘Shut It Down’ is a fantastic slab of hard rock and well worth a listen. They are currently on a UK tour, as I’ve mentioned, so if you get a chance to see them I would recommend it.


The sound at Fuel has a bit of a reputation for not being the greatest, but I thought it was fine. You could hear each of the bands fairly well and it certainly didn’t impact on my enjoyment of the evening. Props to soundman “James”. I think having a small stage probably did make an impact on the bands though. Lloyd from Those Damn Crows is a man that likes to throw himself around and was found to be restricted by the lack of space. From what I’ve heard from others, Killit are also a band that likes to throw themselves around on the stage too, so I think they probably felt a bit limited to what they could do as well.


As mentioned earlier, the majority of the crowd in attendance were there to see TDC and I know a lot of them were annoyed that they were pulled early. Unfortunately this had a domino effect on Killit who started playing to a very sparse crowd which I think may have had an overall negative effect on them. However, with all that said and done, it was a fantastic evening of live rock music and I am ready to do that all over again. Who said Rock ‘n’ Roll is dead??

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