King Creature - Winters End Festival 25.02.17

Naomi Jeremiah / David Lydiard


From the moment that Jack Sutton-Bassett started his sound check, we knew that this was a band worth shutting up and listening to. The beautiful, reverberated kick drum resounded out through the venue, getting slightly louder every other beat, before front-man and bassist Dave Kellaway stalked his way onto the stage for a sound check of his own. It was at that moment that we simply had to be #DownTheFront to witness this band up close and personal. The visually striking Kellaway, a sheer beast of a man and an engaging presence, only had to pick a few notes for us to get an idea of what low-end grooves to expect. Our interest was piqued.


Guitarists Dave Evans and Matt Karl Vincent round out the line-up that is Cornwall’s own, King Creature. Formed in 2013, their first video “Wasted Life” quickly clocked up over 5000 views on YouTube and after reaching the final 25 in the Marshall Ultimate Band Competition, the band have found themselves in high demand to perform live. By their own admission, they haven’t performed too many gigs, but the shows they have played have been high profile.


This set had it all, with King Creature bringing together a melting pot of influences to forge a distinctive sound. They have the look of an out and out Metal band, but they also bring versatility to their songs, which, as a first time listener, take you by surprise. I wasn’t expecting the punchy, melodic chorus’, or the Funk Metal parts but the way the band weaves in these different genres throughout each songs is a delight to my ears.


Yes, you still get the Thrash aggression, you get the NWOBHM parts with the Maiden-esque duel guitar melodies, you get the scorching solos and we were even treated to a triple tapping solo on the song “Breaking Down” – The level of musicianship on display is incredible. We were stood right in front of Matt and immediately he gives off a Phil Demmel/Machine Head vibe. Influenced by the likes of Zakk Wylde and Dimebag Darrell, he pays homage at times but, all the while putting his own spin on it, making his gorgeous Epiphone Les Paul scream and wail.


Vincent also provides harmony vocals to back up Kellaway and the timbre that they produce is chilling. It is real spine-tingling stuff that made the hairs on the back of our necks stand on end. When heavy bands do things like this, or even when they play acoustically for that matter, if they pull it off right, then they can create this dark, brooding atmosphere and a certain tone that gives goose bumps. King Creature do this well!


The crowd in attendance were enjoying all that King Creature had to offer and in the subsequent days since the gig, we haven’t seen a negative word said about them. Here is a band that you can hear works hard on their craft, honing the songs in a very deliberate fashion. Never felt anything was put in for the sake of it and that every element had its place.


These talented, passionate and humble guys are onto something special here and with renowned producer Rob Cass in their corner, being freshly signed to Marshall Records and with an album (Volume One) to come, King Creature are definitely ones to watch as they carve out their own destiny.

We had the pleasure and honour of having the exclusive, first ever play of their brand new single “Low Life” on our podcast, Down The Front. If you are interested in taking a listen, the episode is HERE. If you haven’t yet realised it, the Creature are coming...


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