LIVING COLOUR / STONE BROKEN          The Waterfront, Norwich 04.10.17

Tom Blackburne-Maze


First up was Stone Broken, a young four-piece rock band from Walsall. This was my third time seeing them this year; fifth time overall and they continue going from strength to strength. The supporting of the more established band,  Living Colour, shows they have a versatility for playing and performing to fans of differing music genres to their own. Rich Moss provides lead vocals and guitar, Chris Davis lead guitar, Kieron Conroy the bass and the awesome Robyn Haycock hits the drums. They play solid loud rock with great riffs and choruses; you can’t help but sing and shout along, resulting in deafened ears and a hoarse throat every time.


The three energetic guitarists usually move all over the stage interacting with the fans and switching positions. Unfortunately, the size and set up of the stage at The Waterfront made this impossible; which was a real shame for them. However, this didn’t prevent them from giving another stunning performance to a number of their ‘Broken Army’fans who had come to see them, along with those who won’t have seen them before.


Their set consisted of 8 tracks which they fitted into their 45 minute slot; ‘Stay All Night’, ‘Better’, ‘Be There’, ‘Wait For You’, ‘Doesn’t Matter’, ‘Just A Memory’, ‘This Life’, and‘Not your Enemy’.

Six tracks were taken from their current album, ‘All In Time’, and two were from the new album due to be released early next year which I’m really looking forward to.


Robyn always takes her “Animal” mascot with her, and true to his character, she went crazy adding in a drum solo of her own into the set, which was awesome.


The band always make a point of acknowledging their Broken Army fans’ special days and today was Michelle Dunnell’s birthday so they all sang happy birthday to her which was a lovely gesture.


All in all, a great solid performance from the band which will be headlining the Thursday evening at Planet Rockstock in a few weeks time. I predict they will be playing to even bigger stages next year and this will be well deserved. As well as great musicians and brilliant performers, they are all lovely people. I look forward to seeing them again next year. 


The main act were Living Colour. I can’t believe they first formed in 1984, it only seems like yesterday. They are an American band of four playing a very unique blend of blues, jazz, funk and rock.  Their current line-up has been together since 1992, Corey Glover on vocals, Vernon Reid on lead guitar, Will Calhoun on drums and Doug Wimbish on bass.


They played 17 tracks during a full 2 hour set demonstrating their desire to play to live audiences. On top of that we were treated to solos’ from Vernon, Will and even Doug on bass.


They are hugely talented musicians who enjoy performing live music and they interact and smile with the fans throughout the set which included songs from their complete back catalogue and their new album, Shade, released this year.


Their set list consisted of: ‘Preachin’ Blues’, ‘Wall’, ‘Middle Man’, ‘Desperate People’, ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’, ‘Glamour Boys’, ‘Who Shot Ya?’, ‘Who’s That’, ‘Come On’ , ‘This Is The Life’, ‘Freedom Of Expression’, ‘Swirl’, ‘Love Rears Its Ugly Head’, ‘Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay’, ‘Cult Of Personality’, ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’, and ‘What’s Your Favourite Color?’.


They are a great band who were able to provide a slick performance using the experience gained over many years. They have a dedicated following, many of whom had never seen the band before or had waited a long time since last seeing them


So in summary, a great evening that brought together an established cult band, Living Colour, with a young up and coming band who are likely to be a major part of the future of rock music in the UK, Stone Broken.





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