LIVING COLOUR  /  STONE BROKEN  -       The Riverside, Newcastle 07.10.17



New York funk metal maestros, Living Colour, finally returned to the UK for a well overdue tour with the amazing young talent of Stone Broken as their support. Down The Front Media were given exclusive access to the build up to the last night in Newcastle.


From the moment Living Colour started their sound check it was obvious of the rapport that had been built between the 2 bands in their previous 8 shows.  Jokes and funny comments thrown from the stage by the headliners and witty responses from the “new kids on the block” we knew we were in for one wild night.


The venue, The Riverside, is a decent size and the sound and lighting is really good.  Like a few modern venues turns into a nightclub after hours and they had imposed a tight curfew on the forthcoming set.  Much to our surprise instead of cutting Stone Broken’s stage time Living Colour reduced their set by a few songs, leaving Stone Broken a 40 minute slot.


Just as Stone Broken had completed their sound check the doors opened, with a mix of Living Colour and Stone Broken Fans rushing for the barrier and balcony the venue filled up quickly and they didn’t have to wait long due to the tight timescales. 


Starting with “Stay All Night”, “Better” and “Be There” there were no signs that this was the last night of the tour apart from Robyn Haycock’s Mascot, Animal, having a lie down on her kick drum.  The Stone Broken faithful singing back every lyric already.  “Wait For You” or as it’s becoming known “The Wedding song” was next with its powerful, yet touching delivery by Rich Moss was as usual taken over by the crowd and the band always seem so moved by the audience reaction. “Doesn’t Matter” and “Just A Memory” from the forthcoming 2nd album were next with a brief drum solo in between and the set was wrapped up with “This Life” and “Not Your Enemy”.  From the reaction from the crowd any Stone Broken virgins in the crowd had been won over by another awesome set by these youngsters from the Midlands.


Stone Broken are:

Rich Moss (Guitar/Vocals)

Robyn Haycocks (Drums)

Chris Davies (Guitar)

Kieron Conroy (Bass)


Check them out at:








The Riverside was, by now, packed and buzzing with the anticipation of the main act. After a brief stage change over, Living Colour took to the stage to a wall of noise. From the very first notes I knew this was going to be something special.  I had heard their music and seen the videos, but have never been lucky enough to see Living Colour perform live before.   Playing tracks that spans their 30yr career including a couple off tracks off their latest album “Shade” they had the Newcastle crowd in a trance, Corey (Vocals) could just wave a hand and the crowd would take over the song.  Veron (Guitar) was in a playful mood, heckling Corey during the short breaks between tracks who attempted to disassemble Vernon’s microphone to the crowds much to the amusement of the crowd.  With loads of onstage banter between the four band members I felt I was no longer at a concert but on a night out with a couple of hundred friends.  Corey Glover’s vocals were absolutely on the money, so powerful and so sharp.  Vernon Reid’s guitar work is just out of this world, with a pedal board that wouldn’t look out of place on the bridge of the Enterprise. Doug Wimbish on Bass, I can’t express how good this guy is only to say that I became a little emotional during the bass solo which I doubt many could replicate, he really can make that guitar sing.  Will Calhoun on drums, sitting not so quietly at the back keeps them all in check with a solid beat and absolutely shines during the fills and his drum solo. He completes his solo with glowing drumsticks just whipping through the dark like a pair of Duelling Jedi.  Chatting to a Living Colour gig veteran afterwards, it seems that our home grown support won an accolade not given to many support bands over the years, when they dedicated “Cult Of Personality” to Stone Broken demonstrating how these two bands had clicked during the brief tour.


Living Colour are:


Corey Glover (Vocals)

Vernon Reid (Guitar/Vocals)

Doug Wimbish (Bass/Vocals)

Will Calhoun (Drums)


Check them out at:






With both Stone Broken and Living Colour heading to the merch stall after the show they were happy to sign items and have photo’s taken with their fans who went away with smiles as wide as the Tyne Bridge.  It has to be one of the best nights I’ve had this year, why did I have to leave it until the last night to catch these two great bands who not only complimented each other musically, gelled as a group of people who respected each other but had become friends.


After the Riverside had turned itself into a night club, Down the Front Media were lucky enough to chat with Stone Broken. Watch this space for the interview!





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