LIVING COLOUR / STONE BROKEN            The Robin 2, Bilston Wolverhampton 27.09.17

Lindsay Smith-Boam 


The evening didn’t start particularly well with the doors being kept firmly shut for an hour after the published time due to late sound checking from Living Colour, but the spirit of the midlands was in abundance despite the rain.  Once the doors did open though, the excellent staff at the Robin got everyone through the door in a prompt and orderly fashion.


We didn’t have long to wait for the wonderful Stone Broken to take to the stage.  The band are from Walsall so this was a hometown gig and the ranks of Broken Army were filling the front of the hall exuding an air of expectation.    

Beginning with ‘Stay All Night’ the band exploded on stage all guns (well…guitars) a blazing.  One thing that Stone Broken have proved is their excellence in their live performances, touring with Inglorious and Glenn Hughes to name just a couple but this must have felt special for the guys with the large number of fans singing along to every word, it felt like they were headlining.


“Better’, ‘Wait For You’, Doesn’t Matter’, ‘Just A Memory’, ‘This Life’, and ‘Not Your Enemy’ all performed brilliantly and the airing of new music in with the more established delighted the Broken Army and gave us a taste of the great music to come on the new album. These guys are all packed full of talent and it was a pleasure to see them set the room on fire especially with the last song ‘Not Your Enemy’ which is a firm favourite with its big sing-along chorus. 


Stone Broken are:

Rich Moss – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Chris Davis – Lead Guitar / Vocals
Kieron Conroy – Bass / Vocals
Robyn Haycock – Drums / Vocals


Living Colour are in that group of iconic bands which have been around for a very very long time, formed in New York in 1984 by English born guitarist Vernon Reid, the band have a wonderful funk metal sound.  A few break ups and a few member changes, Living Colour have just released their latest album Shade.  The question tonight however would be, after all these years, would they still be able to cut it on stage?


Well within the first two songs, they firmly answered that question, wow – just wow!  Corey Glover has a tone and power in his voice together with an ability to perform each song, not just sing them. The wonderful Doug Wimbish has an insane funk to his bass playing, Will Calhoun has a melodic groove to his drumming which never lets up and what can I say about the utterly amazing Vernon Reid?  Off the scale class – amazingly clean playing and an ability to transfix you with a riff.


Corey really is something special, his adlibs and energy make an art-form out of his performance.  He hooks you in with his passion; his vocal even when off mic is unreal, filling the room with its power, the whooping, cheering audience blown away.


The new songs from ‘Shade’ went down very well, the crowd knowing every word, a great set of old and new music, a bit of chat thrown in, total professionals.


My one and only criticism would be the drum solo….Will is great but it was way too long.


I really enjoyed the whole evening, great entertainment from a young band and a firmly established older one. And what an amazing crowd of true music lovers who really did make the evening that bit more special with their obvious appreciation of both bands. 


I don’t want to list the set list during this review, I don’t want to spoil it for those who are yet to see Living colour on the tour so the tracks are listed at the end of this review.


Living Colour are:

Corey Glover - vocals

Veron Reid - Guitar

Doug Wimbish - Bass

Will Calhoun - Drums




























Set list:

Preachin Blues, Wall, Middle Man, Desperate People, Ignorance is Bliss, Who Shot Ya?, Come On, Open Letter (To a Landlord), Freedom of Expression (F.O.X), Love Rears its Ugly Head, Elvis is Dead, Type, Cult of Personality, Sunshine of Your Love.

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