LOWER THAN ATLANTIS with support from MILK TEETH / THE FAIM - The Assembly, Leamington Spa 04.04.18




Leamington Spa’s The Assembly stands in the middle of a busy high street, people are queuing up outside as I arrive and despite the chill there’s a warmth from the gig goers as they wait patiently for the doors to open. Everyone seems in high spirits, a noticeable air of anticipation hangs over the predominately teenage crowd and despite the forecast cold weather there’s a fresh feel to the night air.

Inside the venue I’m shocked at how large the inside really is, the stage is high, the balcony set well back. I imagine the acoustics sound amazing in here. The room is maybe a quarter full when the first band takes to the stage.


Opening up the night is Western Australia’s THE FAIM, a 4 piece alt pop/rock band that formed in 2014. They open their set with a heavy drum intro which is good as it’s gets everyones attention quickly. ‘My Heart Needs to Breathe’ is a solid opening track, full of energy and bite. ‘Infamous’ is a slightly slower track with more emotion throughout the performance. ‘Midland Line’ is the first single release from their forthcoming record (available now at all the usual places). The Faim deliver a high energy set, Josh Raven has amazing vocals and he’s bounding around the stage, not missing a single note, no sign of any fatigue despite the constant aerobic workout he is displaying. Slowing it down to the beautifully delivered ballad ‘Make Believe’, Josh’s vocals really soar and everyone is enthralled by the passion that emanates from the stage.

Stephen Beerkens (bass/keyboard) and Michael Bono (guitar/bass/vocals) back up Josh with some perfectly executed vocal harmonies throughout the set. Sean Tighe is excellent on the drums, twirling the drumsticks with ease before thundering on the kit again. ‘I Can Feel You’ has parts of the audience bouncing during the chorus, the energy from the band transferring to the audience. It’s clear to see that these guys have been together for a while as their sound is tight and delivered with passion.

They wind up their set with their new single ‘Saints of the Sinners’, a hugely engaging, high energy track to round off a blistering set. I can overhear a few people talking as the room quietens and every word is a positive, The Faim delivered and I’m certain that they gained new fans with that performance tonight.


The Faim set list:

My Heart Needs To Breathe


Midland Line

Make Believe

Summer is a Curse

I Can Feel You

A Million Stars

Saints of the Sinners


The Faim are:

Josh Raven - Lead Vocals

Michael Bono - Lead Guitar/ Bass/ Vocals

Stephen Beerkens - Bass/Keyboard

Sean Tighe - Drums and Percussion


Check out more from them at the following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFaim/

Website: http://www.thefaim.com/



The second band of the evening are MILK TEETH, and they seem to have quite a following here tonight. Formed in 2013 this female fronted 4 piece from Stroud take to the stage. A few more people have arrived and there is noticeable shift of the audience towards the stage for Milk Teeth. Front woman Beck commands the stage well, as they open up with ‘Cat Fight’. The crowd react well and are jumping in time to the music.

‘Crows Feet’, ‘Lillian’ see a good vocal progression as Becky’s vocals seem to get stronger as the set continues. There’s plenty of interaction with the audience, a few “woo’s” escape from the crowd in between songs and generally their set seems to be going well with the crowd.

Beck delivers some awesome riffs on the bass, and the dual guitars of Billy and Chris complement the bass and drums. However for me, Milk Teeth don’t have the same dynamic as the previous band The Faim and what’s missing for me is the accompany melody to match the musicianship.

‘Fight Skirt’ gets more of the audience moving and final track ‘Okayness’ receives a good response from the audience, plenty of cheers and applause.


Set List

Cat Fight

Crows Feet


Brain Food



Swear Jar


Fight Skirt



Milk Teeth are:

Becky - Bass / Vocals

Billy - Guitar

Chris - Guitar

Oli - Drums

Find out more from Milk Teeth at the following links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/milkteethpunx/
Website: http://milkteethpunx.bigcartel.com/



The interval between the bands sees a large swell in the number of attendees. The room is now more densely populated, though still not near its capacity. Songs are being played through the PA system and it surprises me to find that everyone starts singing along to A-Ha’s ‘Take on me’, everyone in full voice and enjoying their evening.


20 minutes later LOWER THAN ATLANTIS (LTA) take to the stage to a huge cheer from the crowd, more so when. Their first song ‘Had Enough’ is by the far the most well known track of theirs and everyone is happily singing along, the audience voices raising high above the music. ‘Dumb’ receives the same attention, the audience in full voice throughout the whole track. The crowd cheers as Mike Duce (vocals/guitar) introduces Ben Samson on the guitar and the crowd all cheer, sliding into ‘Emily’, the audience singing every word.

The set continues featuring tracks from a variety of their albums over the past 11 years; from the self titled album they perform ‘Ain’t No Friend’, delivered with heavy intensity, Mike’s vocals soaring on this track as he incites the crowd, “Everybody fucking jump!” To which they comply and the whole room is bouncing, that is except the people at the back, they seem content in just watching the evenings events unfold. ‘Words Don’t Come So Easily’ is certainly one of the stand out tracks for me this evening, Mike Duce describing heartbreak like having ‘diarrhoea in your chest”, what a way to describe it!

“Leamington make some fucking noise,” calls out Duce, “Someone get me a Sambuca! Does anyone know if they have Sambuca at the bar? Someone get me shot, please,” he calls out, before asking the audience to open up a circle in the middle of the dance floor, then asking the audience to run around the space in a circular motion for the duration of ‘Work For It’, to which maybe 25-30 people take him up on his request and proceed to run in circles. It gets quite fast at one point with a few people dropping away, the others seem to slow towards the end and I’m not surprised. If that was me I’d be feeling sick by now, circles and running just shouts dizzy spells at me. However, the crowd are enjoying the interaction and LTA are all smiling like Cheshire cats. Dec Hart on the bass and Eddy Thrower on the drums delivering strong performances throughout the set.

‘Get Over It’ goes down well with the crowd, ‘Far Q’ sees another circular space being created in the crowd whereby Duce takes his guitar with him and plays the song from inside the circular wall of fans. The fans are loving every minute of this and the band seem to be having an amazing time.


Delivering an acoustic rendition of a fan favourite track always goes down well, what makes it even more special is the way that Mike Duce conducted his acoustic performance of ‘Another Sad Song’. Asking the audience to create a circle in the centre of the room again, he proceeds to take his acoustic guitar to the circle where he asks everyone to “be quiet, crouch down and keep your voices down for the duration of the track”. The only down point was not having a mic attached so that his vocals could be heard better, but nonetheless the sentiment was heartfelt, despite Mike singing a wrong lyric and apologising. The whole venue sang along with him and it was such a genuine moment between band and fans.

The set proceeded back to the stage through tracks, ‘Love Someone Else’ a fast paced switch up from such a delicately delivered previous song; ‘Beech Like A Tree’ which Mike encourages the audience to crowd surf during the song, “I’m not gonna be happy til I see at least 30 people come over this barrier!”, to which the audience respond by looping round, time and time again to crowd surf over the barrier, people are running and it’s become quite manic inside The Assembly. They conclude their set with ‘I Would’, but seriously who are they kidding? We all know they’re going to do a couple of encore tracks.

Finishing up the set with ‘English Kids In America’ and ‘Here We Go’ LTA put on a seriously entertaining evening for the fans, they’ve enjoyed every moment of it, and from a spectators pint of view it’s been quite an evening. I’ve seen people chugging pints at the behest of the band, sambuca shots going down a treat, crazy fans running in circles and some amazingly delivered vocals. Not a night I’m going to forget in a hurry.

There are still dates available on the tour, so go check out the tour for yourselves!


Set List:

Had Enough



Ain’t No Friend

Work For It

Get Over It

Far Q

Another Sad Song (Acoustic)

Love Someone Else

Beech Like The Tree

I Would

Words Don’t Come So Easily

Encore Tracks:

English Kids in America

Here We Go


Lower Than Atlantis are:

Mike Duce - Vocals / Guitar

Ben Sansom - Guitar

Eddy Thrower - Drums

Dec Hart - Bass


Check out more from them at the following links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lowerthanatlantis/

Website: http://www.lowerthanatlantis.co/



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