Slim Jim's Liquor Store, 17.12.16





By 'The Girl With The Curls'


On Saturday 17th December, Magdy from Cairo Son unleashed his amazing, strong vocals upon us at an acoustic gig at Slim Jim's Liquor Store in Angel Islington.


I won't be forgetting this gig as it was one of the best that I've been to this year! The night flew by while we were singing & dancing along to covers from REM - 'Losing My Religion', AC/DC - 'Highway to Hell', Rolling Stones - 'Paint it Black', The Beatles - 'Hide Your Love',  Lynyrd Skynyrd - 'Sweet home Alabama', Bryan Adams - 'Summer Of '69',  The Police - 'Message In A Bottle' and Coldplay - 'Yellow'.


That gave me goose bumps and blew me away! Magdy sang his own songs as well, 'Heart Against The Feather', 'Devils Tongue', 'Have Faith' and 'Lost In The Shadow'.


Magdy's friends Adam and Luka jumped up on stage with another guitar and mic. We were in for a treat with more songs and we (the crowd) were still shouting for more! more! more! right up until the last second.


I'm a huge fan of Myles Kennedy & Chris Cornell and hear touches of them in Magdy's singing voice. I was one happy 'Rock Chick' and am hoping that Magdy does more acoustic gigs as I can't wait until the next one.

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