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Naomi Jeremiah


Judging by the pain in my neck from 'Rocking Out' so damn hard, I would hazard a guess that Saturday nights gig at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton was EPICALLY AWESOME!!!


Four incredible bands took to the stage, and needless to say The Gig Gals were extremely excited and eager to rock out with each of them. All four bands are incredibly talented and have the most awesome music which we have followed with interest for some time.


My first time to The Slade Rooms, I was impressed. It's a decently sized venue with a massive bar which is in a separate room from the stage area. The stage is wide, and it's nice to be in a venue where more gig goers have the chance to be #DownTheFront. So obviously you know where we were!


It was great being here as we had the chance to meet up with several of our twitter friends. Always good to hang out with, laugh and enjoy a gig with our fellow 'Rockers'.


We didn't have to wait long before Wicked Stone hit the stage! We last saw these guys, from the South East of Kent, at Ramblin' Man Fair in July, since which, we have been 'wired' about seeing them again.


Wicked Stone deliver a perfect blend of hard rock and southern metal. They formed in 2015 and hit the stage only this year. It's quite unbelievable that they are such a new band. Their music and live performances are 'on fire'! They each, individually, have a tremendous stage presence, which when combined brings one explosive set! Maybe the only thing giving away Wicked Stone's recent arrival onto the Rock circuit, is their raw passion, energy and abounding enthusiasm. Something which at times is lacking in the 'older' bands. These guys are confident and have a determination to deliver a show which you won't be forgetting in a hurry, which is utterly captivating!


Wicked Stone are Joe Hawx (Vocals), Ryan Stageman (Guitar), James Forrister (Lead Guitar), James Amos (Bass) and Olly Smith (Drums). Talented musicians, that individually ooze charisma, they really showcase what they are capable of. James Forrister is a phenomenal lead guitarist, the crowd lapping up his solo work, mesmerised whilst doing so. Ryan and James Amos work so well together building the rhythm of the tracks, and they prove they can head bang with the best of them whilst doing so. Olly is a real character and this truly shines through in his playing of the drums. This guy rocks so hard he broke the bass foot pedal! Ooops! Hope Robyn forgave him! Joe is the most perfect front man, he commands the stage, and has the crowd's attention, he is charismatic, and has great rock vocals.


They have recently released their new four track E.P, which includes songs 'Another Round', 'Ain't No Rest', 'Slide Baby' and 'The End'. All cracking songs!


Wicked Stone definitely managed to capture the crowd's attention on Saturday, and by the stream of messages we received afterwards, I know that they gained new fans that night. A down to earth bunch of guys, they are great fun on and off the stage, so if you get the chance, make sure you have a chat with them after a show too.


I became a big fan of Wicked Stone this summer and after seeing them perform again this weekend I know I won't be changing my mind any time soon. They have some face melting hard rock on the go, with outstanding riffery and some tasty licks! What's not to love about this band?!


The crowd now buzzing and warmed up, the atmosphere was becoming electric. I, for one, could not wait to see Mason Hill. After hearing about them through social media some time ago, I had purchased their EP online, and have loved listening to it ever since. So when I heard that they'd been added to the line up for this Stone Broken gig, I was elated.


Mason Hill are a 5 piece hard rock band from Glasgow. They were recently 2016 winners of HRH H2H - a fitting testament to their hard work and talent.


They have had their music described in many ways by many sources, and yet according to Mason Hill themselves, they refer to it as simply 'Mason Hill'. Mason Hill are Scott Taylor (Lead Vocals), James Bird (Lead Guitar), Marc Montgomery (Guitar), Matthew Ward (Bass) and Craig McFetridge (Drums). A superb fusion of talent, creating the most perfect sounds!


Mason Hill for me, don't just rock up on stage and perform their music for you. They rock up and show you who they are! They are so passionate, they live and breathe every note, you can see that, but more importantly you can feel that. I don't think I have ever been so hypnotised by a band. I too felt every note, every riff, and every melody course through my veins. The connection that they are able to establish with their audience is incredible and instantaneous. They enjoy being up there on the stage, sharing their passion with you, and I don't think they stop smiling whilst doing so. They are a fun band, and it's impossible to stand still when they hit you with track after track of awesomeness! However that said, when they played their song 'Where I Belong', it just gave me absolute goose bumps! They have your attention in a whole different manner with this track. In  parts, it really is EPIC!!! If you haven't heard it, seriously, go listen NOW!! Hearing this live for the first time on Saturday is a moment I will never forget.


These 5 guys are talented, hard working, and extremely humble. Still partly in shock at the crazy year that they have all had, they are so thankful and grateful to everyone for supporting them and their dreams. Get to a gig and see them whilst they are still in smaller venues, and make sure you hang around to chat with them afterwards; thoroughly lovely guys. They have lots of exciting things in the pipeline, so make sure to keep a close eye on Mason Hill over the coming months! These guys are going places!!


Wicked Stone & Mason Hill deserve all the success in the world. So, as per usual people, buy their music, buy their awesome merchandise, but most importantly, make an effort to go and support them playing live. I promise it will be worth your while! But you may be at risk of losing your voice after all the Woohooing you will feel compelled to do! ...or is that just me?




Reviews for Trucker Diablo & Stone Broken are on the way!!

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