Live At Lancaster Library 28.10.17

Matt Jones


The imitable, the loveable, the infectious and downright force of nature that is Massive Wagons... Where do I start?


A year of gigging their 3rd album ‘Welcome to the World’, which lead to them getting some notable radio play nationally and even getting on some of the biggest festivals in the UK, has made them the most talked about UK rock band on the underground; which has subsequently led to the band being snatched up by record label Earache records to release their next album!


This show at Lancaster Library would be one of the first they played after the huge announcement. The whole band beamed onto the stage to the roaring opener ‘Back to the Stack’. It was released as a tribute to the late Rick Parfitt and reflects many Status Quo tropes whilst still retaining that tongue in cheek transparency that resonates with every Wagons fan; Live it is a blinding opener! Effortlessly segwaying into the lead single of ‘Welcome to the World’ with ‘Tokyo’. The crowd knows every lyric and Baz lends the crowd the microphone on multiple occasions. “We love all of your faces, you're the fucking greatest” (lyric written about me, evidently).


The set was packed with ‘Welcome to the World’ tracks and fan favourites from ‘Fight the System’ including ‘Red Dress’ and the title track. They even found the balls to do some completely new unheard songs! The crowd did not mind and the energy of both crowd and band never wavered. It maybe lazy reviewing but I don't care to remember what covers Wagons did. I wish they played their own material. They have their own identity and their own sound. Everyone was at that gig because of the records they have bought by Massive Wagons. Have more faith and confidence in your own material lads!


An incredible performance in front of a sold out home crowd, for a band that are currently riding high and loving every minute of it, it seems!


Bring on the next album and buy ‘Welcome to the World’ if you haven't already at It is the rock album of 2016, without a doubt!


Band Members:


Baz Mills
Adam Thistlethwaite
Carl 'Flash' Cochrane
Bowz Bouskill
Alex Thistlethwaite


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