David Lydiard & Naomi Jeremiah

(Photo Credits: Mike Lambourne / Naomi Jeremiah)


Ramblin’ Man Fair Festival 2017 put on a couple of warm up nights at The Big Red on Holloway Road, London. Whiskey Dick and Ghoultown were in attendance on Thursday night and Friday was the turn of Canadian rockers Monster Truck who were being supported by Jack J Hutchinson. The Big Red as a venue is absolutely second to none. The staff are extremely friendly, as are the clientele. We’ve made it no secret that it is one of our favourite places to go in London. They have a tent at Ramblin’ Man where the focus is on whiskey, but will be providing other beverages, of course, so I suggest you make several visits there over the course of the weekend, if you are attending.


Having had the pleasure of seeing Jack at HRH Blues back in April, and having a chat with him on Down The Front Podcast ( ) we were looking forward to his set. Jack J Hutchinson never disappoints. It is as simple as that really. One man and his guitar as a single entity, coming together to enthral us with his modern blues songs. Hailed as one of the most exciting up and coming British blues talents, he gave a passionate performance throughout and entertained the crowd. Jack will be playing on the Four Roses Bourbon Blues Stage at Ramblin’ Man this Sunday 30th July at 13:00 – 13:35 alongside his Boom Boom Brotherhood band. Don’t miss them!


Headline act of the evening, Monster Truck were up next and performed acoustically, something which they admitted to not doing too regularly. Minus drummer Steve, who has stayed home on this run due to a new addition to the family coming along soon, they called up fellow Canadian, and drummer for the mighty Slash nonetheless, Brent Fitz.


Opening their set with the empowering ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live’, Monster Truck had the crowd singing along from the very start and throughout their 30 minute set. Having recently seen them at the SSE Arena, Wembley where they supported Nickelback, and seeing the power and ferocity that they come at every song with, it was a truly unique experience seeing them in this intimate setting. The vibe of the evening was chilled out and the band completely relaxed as they bantered with the audience (Jon at one point being handed a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey and putting it on). The true test of a great song is when you strip away all the frills and turn the gain down, exposing the song to its most naked of form – the acoustic guitar. Last night at The Big Red proved that Monster Truck are incredible songwriters as the brilliance of their music shined through. Vocally, the band sounded superb with all the harmonies on point. Monster Truck play the Planet Rock Main Stage, Sunday 30th July at 15:45 – 16:30 in all their electrifying glory.

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