On a wet Wednesday night in Glasgow, the Winter touring extravaganza continues with the exceptional line up of Mr. Big, The Answer and Faster Pussycat, all in one billing, rolling into town.


Faster Pussycat are first to hit the stage, surprisingly fairly on time given their previous notoriety! Unfortunately, this is to somewhat to an empty room due to a 6pm door time on a weeknight and there’s also a competing Deep Purple gig taking place at the Hydro to contend with.


Nevertheless, The Pussycats as ever hit out with the fan favourites in their short half hour set. Singer Taime Downe remained cool, mysterious and aloof throughout with guitarists, Ace Von Johnson and Xristian Simon taking the bulk share of crowd participation duties while Chad Stewart (drummer) and Danny Nordahl (bassist) provided the pounding rhythm section which gives this band the sleaze sound they are notorious for. For any of our readers who might not have heard of this band or are wondering who the hell they are, these guys were known as the sleaziest cats in the Sunset Strip – and from tonight’s performance arguably they still are. The band juggernauted through an absolute hitlist of songs including ‘Jack The Bastard’, ‘Slip Of The Tongue’, then taking things down a little with heartbreak anthem ‘House of Pain’ and traditionally finishing on ‘Babylon’, with an ‘Ace of Spades’ outro.


Next up, The Answer. It’s fair to say The Answer have had a few up and downs in their career so far, and with the release of ‘Solas’ there seems to have been a bit of a divide as this offering sounds vastly different to their first release ‘Rise’ way back in 2006 – now channelling an altogether more folky, Led Zepplin influenced vibe. This is apparent in their stage performance. Opening with latest track ‘Solas’, the crowd energy was somewhat more subdued than with Faster Pussycat – granted there were more of the crowd by this point. This followed straight into ‘Come Follow Me’ – arguably one of their biggest hits. Northern Irish boy Cormac Neeson (vocalist) did well to work with the Glasgow crowd and you can’t fault his incredible set of pipes; the band also provided a solid sound throughout with Paul Mahon on guitars, Michael Waters on Bass and James Heatley on Drums. All in all, a good effort from the band – sprinkled with hits, but left the crowd feeling somewhat under-warmed and underwhelmed prior to Mr. Big.


By this point, it’s nearly 9pm, the room has filled and pints are in hand waiting for the main event – Mr. Big – and boy they do not disappoint! Hitting the stage around 9pm the band play a whopping two-hour set, making the gig ticket more than value for money!


Entering full of enthusiasm and energy they open with beast of a track ‘Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill song)’ and what a fantastic opener it is – instantly the crowd are moving and grooving along with drinks being spilled in order to make way for some more dance moves! Eric Martin is on fire tonight as is guitarist Paul Gilbert. The pace is then somewhat transported into a bluesy frenzy lead by Billy Sheehan on bass with ‘American Beauty’. The energy continues with ‘Undertow’, which sounds like it came straight out of an 80s movie soundtrack with more sublime guitar work than you can shake a stick at! Followed by the punchy ‘Alive ‘N Kickin’’ - It’s well and truly a sing-a-long set!


Highlights of the set included a touching tribute to Malcolm Young, obviously ‘To Be With You’ and of course the guitar solo by Paul Gilbert. This is well and truly a virtuoso band and tonight this was premiered front and centre.


And to top it all of they ended the set with a cover of ‘30 Days in the Hole’, a Humble Pie cover, with The Answer and Faster Pussycat joining them on stage!


What a night!



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