NEW DEVICE - 10 Question Interview @Route 44 on Friday 30.06.17

Graham Webb


Daniel Leigh - Vocals

Roz Ison - Drums

Matt Mallery - Guitars

Nick Hughes – Bass Guitars


Q1 - Where did the name New Device come from and why is the fan group called Street Team ?


Dan  - The band wanted to add to the genre of rock music and they took the inspiration from installing new computer hardware where a pop up message states a New Device has been added. The ND fan club is called “The Street Team”  This is an age old saying from the early days of the band.



Q2 - Who was or is the biggest influence over what you do ?


Dan - Nirvana

Roz - Slipknot

Matt - Joe Bonamassa

Nick - Bruce Springsteen



Q3 - If you couldn't be a musician what would you be ?


Dan – I think I’d be a politician.

Roz – A teacher.

Matt - A drill instructor.

Nick - An office manager.



Q4 - What has been the stand out gig or experience so far ?


At the O2 Arena supporting Bon Jovi.



Q5 – Do you have any rituals, lucky charms or gig clothes that you habitually wear ?


Dan - During load out he likes to warm down and also used to meditate.

Roz – Pre gig plays on practice pads.

Matt - would always practice scales and solos.

Nick – just likes to drink ( asuming this refers to alcoholic drinks )



Q6 – What things are the band working on right now ?


Dan - We are currently working on the fourth EP which is yet to be titled.



Q7 – What has been the biggest challenge so far for the band ?


Dan - The numerous line up changes within the band. Finding the right members has been challenging.



Q8 - Have there been any awkward or embarrassing moments on stage ?


Dan - Actually losing my voice halfway through a gig  was very awkward, and having various items of clothing thrown on stage during a gig.



Q9 - If you could go on a European tour with any band, past or present, who would it be ?





Q10 – Where do you see New Device going in the next 2 years?


Developing the creative song writing along with the music and taking New Device to the next level.




Bonus Fan Question from Claire Foster


What colour underwear / boxer shorts do the band wear for shows, and has Dan ever performed commando ?


Dan - Generally black but occasionally striped boxer shorts. But in the early years I was always commando, but not anymore!


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