Peter Von Toy - The Lounge - Archway, London 29.04.17

Naomi Jeremiah & David Lydiard


Fuck the industry!

Or so says Peter Von Toy, an American singer-songwriter who is shunning the record industry altogether and making his way through word of mouth, going from gig to gig, spreading his music far and wide.


The self proclaimed most independent artist on Earth treated those of us at The Lounge to his brand of rock drenched, blues tinted folk, and boy, what a treat it was.

We first came across Peter's name when we saw that he was supporting Cairo Son's Magdy at a recent gig and were instantly intrigued by his methods of having no recorded music. This mystery made him feel like a big deal and that he was something special, so when the opportunity arose to catch a performance, we jumped at the chance.


As there is no recorded material to check out before hand, we had no idea what to expect other than friend’s opinions that he was good. Von Toys music has soul. It drips with passion and that comes across completely in his performance. Strong guitar work accompanied his rich, powerful and soulful vocals and the songwriting ability on display is just fantastic. Peter takes you on a journey with his refreshingly honest lyrics and wraps them up with gorgeous melodies.


Unfortunately, as he was opening the night, there were very few people in attendance. This mattered not though, for Peter gave an engaging and energised performance that kept those of us that were there rocking out with him. It felt like a private gig almost and as the only way to hear Peter’s music is through seeing him live, it adds a level of exclusivity to him and that you've seen something special. This way of marketing yourself certainly adds an alluring element of mysticism.


In 18 months of doing this, Peter has played over 150 shows spanning 13 countries and 2 continents and with more live shows to come, we cannot recommend this man highly enough. Check out his Facebook page HERE and go see him. Well worth it! 

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