Piston - The 100 Club 30.01.2017

Naomi  Jeremiah / David Lydiard


Piston tore through a blistering 9-song set last night at The 100 Club and for those of us in attendance we were treated to a Blues Rock master class. The band are a high energy outfit but the small stage made it difficult for them to move around, however, that didn't stop them from trying. Jack Edwards was a mass of hair as he flailed around wielding his Les Paul, seemingly unrestricted by the confines of the stage. Brad Newlands, as ever, was a demon on the kit. He always brings the fun, and always delivers a high impact, highly energetic performance that gets the crowd pumped from the get-go. Stuart Egan was as solid on the bass, everything seemingly taken his stride as he provides Piston with a solid groove and a no fuss attitude. His playing was effortless and gave off an air of "cool." Luke Allatt on guitar was as energetic as the rest, head banging and pounding out the dirty riffs from his gorgeous Telecaster (that white trim!!). Last but by no means least, Rob Angelico on vocals. He is a powerhouse and last night was no exception as he delivered some truly fantastic vocal work.


The old school rock 'n' roll sound that Piston produce works extremely well in a live environment and mixed in with the rawness and energy, it translates really well. The crowd loving the dirty, bluesy riffs and the hard hitting overall sound. Their 45 minute set comprised of 'Fade Out,' 'Locked & Loaded,' ' Playing with Fire,' ' Carry Us Home,' ' Let Us Rise,' 'Leave If You Dare,' 'Misery,' and a cover of AC/DC's 'Gone Shootin,' and Creedance Clearwater Revivals 'Proud Mary.'


Always tight when they play, it's just a shame that they couldn't go on for longer. Several people left after their set as they only came for Piston and from talking with others, it seems that it's not just this writers opinion that they perhaps should've headlined rather than opened. That said, undeterred, the band still put on an awesome show and left the crowd that were there, extremely appreciative of the musical talent on display and all in attendance were very happy with the Piston set.


Looking forward to catching up with them when they play at Wildfire Festival in June and if you like your rock music with a hefty dose of blues infused riffs, then you'd be wise to check out Piston when they play at a venue near you.


Piston are currently finishing up a support slot touring with The Brew and they play The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton on February 8th and The Bodega, Nottingham on February 10th.

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