PLANET ROCKSTOCK 2017 - Interview with deVience





“The sound of deVience is defined by soaring vocal melodies, swaggering riffs and pulsating rhythms. If you like anything from classic rock to a more contemporary vibe, your ears will be left wanting more.”


Down the Front Media caught up with the guys from deVience after their debut performance at Planet Rockstock, here’s what the guys had to say :


(M – Morag Farley)

(C – Charley Farley)

(D – deVience)


M: We're here with deVience, almost fresh off the stage, how did it go?


D: It was amazing, it was amazing, great fun, the energy was great, great fun, very warm! (laughs) The heating was on! But no no it was amazing. The response was amazing from people who had never really heard our material before. Thank you it was great!


C: Apart from what we'd seen on social media before of course?


D: Of course yeh, but no, yeh, thank you! the boys enjoyed themselves.


M: So you're out in Toronto, you aren't, you're in London, (D: we live in London, yeh) I mean up on stage you're all pretty tight, so how does that work for you then?


D: We kinda keep the music tight and then.. 


M:and he just zooms in with the vocals?


D: Yeh we just practice in his absence and he just seamlessly slots in there.


C: You're doing the 7,500 mile round trip and you just hit that stage like you were in the middle of your own tour, you just nailed it!


D: It was just that, I think we have a great connection between all of us, I think, we see each other outside of band affairs as well, so, I think that helps with the tightness you know and it's like we've never been away from each other, so yeh, the boys they keep it tight, they're practising 3 times a week and then I’m sat doing my bit at home in Toronto, when I stay at home in Toronto, so I'm doing my bit, they're just trying to keep everything fresh, I mean we were gigging a lot before I went away, off the back of Bat Out of Hell in London, we then were doing a mini tour of London and Manchester etc, keeping it tight. And yeh, its great fun, great fun. You come away from a big show like Bat Out Of Hell and then you come to another big show like Planet Rockstock and its you know, it's kinda the things what dreams are made of and we're truly blessed.


M: Yeh, yeh. So what's next for deVience?


D: Next for deVience, we've got a single coming out soon, which is great. It's been a long time coming. I return January 7th, er.. January 8th actually. And then we will be playing in and around London at different venues, hopefully come back to Wales which would be very nice, we're heading up to Manchester again, we're doing The Big Red, (M: Busy times ahead) erm... yeh, so we're just gigging, gigging, gigging, gonna write some new material, try and put an EP together and get that out next year, so erm yeh should be fun.


M: Who does all the writing?


D: It's a group effort, someone will come in with a riff, a concept, or even just a title, and then you know we work it from there.


M: Brilliant!


D: Yeh I like that about our sound cos whoever does it I suppose it's coming from their influences or whatever and everything else on top of that, but on the flip side if someone else has got a different plan or foundation, i suppose it just builds up and sounds like deVience anyway.


M: So like you're developing your own sound but within that you've got all your different influences in there.


D: Yeh different interests, quite eclectic across the range of personal preferences.


C: So, festival dates next year, anything planned?


D: We're getting them together now, we just launched our new website today which is amazing!


C: What's the address?


D: It's Get there now... GO! Buy something, do something fun, its yeh, just launched that and very pleased with the way that it's turned out. You can hear all of our music on there, you can see pictures, there's footage from gigs and stuff like that so... yeh it's great we're gonna get them all together and then we'll let everyone know of our festival dates next year...we're stoked.


M: We'll come, we'll come! 


D: Damn right! Love that, that would be absolutely amazing, erm yeh, we're just excited to see what's coming next year, hopefully there's more Bat Out Of Hell, hopefully there's more deVience, yeh, it should be pretty rad.

M: Brilliant, all the best!


C: deVience take over the world!?!


D: That's the plan, that's the plan (Laughs)


M: World domination!


D: Yeh world domination


M: Thank you very much for taking time out to talk to Down The Front.


D: A true pleasure, thank you.


deVience are:

Giovanni Spano - Vocals

Donnie Roulstone - Guitars

Jim O'Connor - Guitars

Ben Porter - Bass

Olli Carter - Drums



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