Florence Black are a three piece rock band from The Valleys, South Wales. They describe themselves as "three boys with three instruments creating rock music", meet Tristan, Fozzi and Perry. David and Naomi met up with the guys at Planet Rockstock this Saturday.


David:  So we are outside stage 2 at Planet Rockstock with Florence Black. Hey boys.


FB: Hello there!


D: How's it going? What's happening?


FB: Down the front legends!


D: Damn right. Just come off your awesome set, opening Saturday morning, it is Saturday morning isn’t it…?


FB: Yeah


D: Awesome, thank you. I keep thinking it's Friday. Erm, how was that for you?


FB: It was awesome! Rammed like. I thought there was going to be like 5 people out there but it was full like.


D: Yeah at least 10 (they all laugh)


FB: Yeah at least that, yeah… maybe 11. Nah it was good, it felt really, really good. Really felt good. Early but good.


D: Early but good set.


FB: Yeah got out of bed especially. It was fucking boiling though wasn’t it?! Can we swear…? FUCK


Naomi: I wouldn’t risk interviewing you if swearing was banned


(All laugh)


D: Nah it's cool. It went down really well, think you’ve got a few more fans? But why are you not at the merch table though, where's your merch?


FB: We've only got about 4 T-shirts left! Cause this is the last date of the tour and we guess we sold out. Be pointless bringing 5 tops down wouldn’t it. And our van. Yeah we had to take a car so…


N: I'm not even convinced it's you unless I see you with the car


(All laugh)


N: So we need to go to the main things that I think people want to know, you’ve just been and supported Stone Sour in Paris… like, Fuck. That's like awesome. But as we say, cheeky tweets bring treats! And you’ve done it.


FB: Yes it does. It was the best gig yet wasn’t it. We're honoured to support Corey Taylor. There's not much else to say really. Fucking iconic venue like, in Paris. Fucking sold out as well, that was fucking crazy.


D: So, how'd it come about then? Talk us through the journey.


FB: We tweeted him, last year wasn't it. We just annoyed him on Twitter, fucking really annoyed him. In the end he was just like, ah well come on then boys, come to Paris with me. That's what happened.


(All laugh)


D: And that was it?


FB: Yeah pretty much. We were watching Deep Purple and we got an email saying do you want to support Stone Sour and we were just like, what the fuck?!


D: Junk mail. Delete (all laughing)


FB: I was watching Ian Paice play Fire Ball and just as that… supporting Stone Sour… what the fuck! This is the best night ever. Yeah it was, it was literally the best night ever.


N: I mean, for a band of your size, that's got to be like immense to get something like that…


FB: Yeah. We've only been going like 3 years now and are building up a nice decent fanbase but nothing like [this] to play in front of those fans is like fucking amazing


D: That's an amazing opportunity. And you guys have done Bloodstock this year…


FB: Yeah, well that was the same like, crazy. I don’t know how we got on without a manager like, to be honest.


D: Proves you don’t need one! A lot of bands are jumping on getting managers and they haven't done half the stuff that you guys have so whatever you're doing it's working.


N: It is hard though, have you had management before?


FB: We did have a manager but he wasn't really doing much so we were doing more on our own. It didn’t work out. We were still taking more stuff on, on our own…


N: But is it really hard work doing it all for yourself?


FB: Yes. It's the hardest thing in the world. But we love it like this, it's what we do init.


D: It's that sacrifice though isn’t it, like the Stone Sour gig. We were talking earlier, go to Paris, play the gig, 12 hour drive to Edinburgh, play the gig, and then what was it straight back to Wales the next day?


FB: Yeah!


D: There we are. Not a lot of bands will put that effort in.


FB: That was 15,000 miles init.


D: Was it, broke down ten minutes outside Merthyr? (all laugh)


FB: We broke down! What?! This guy like pulled up behind us, he was like alright boys… we hadn’t been broke down 5 minutes and ….that was weird, stalking us like (laughing)


N: But you've also just crowd funded for a new van…


FB: Yeah, that's right!


N: And your fans all came through


FB: Legends!!


N:  and you're sorted…


FB: Yeah, they saved us! We were supposed to arrive today in the van but it's not insured, like, so we had to take the car. They're all fucking legends for doing it, we can't thank you all enough. Thank you very much everyone!


N: I want a ride in the car or the van for 20 miles or 20 quid's worth of travel. Like a taxi, I think I deserve that.


FB: You do.


D: Stick a camera in the front and you could make a YouTube series!


FB: (laughing) a documentary.


D: Driving with Florence Black


N: That's fucking dangerous…life in your own hands there.


(All laugh)


N: So talk to us about your plans for next year, what's next for you guys?


FB: Erm. Album! Early, I think, in the year. Self release it as well, just get it fucking out there and see where it goes. And hopefully then someone will pick us up and then we can release another album then with a bit of backing. That's the plan. Tour. Can we say what's happening in May?


N: Yeah course you can


D: Course you can, no-one listens to us…


N: Only me


FB: We're going abroad ain’t we.


(Naomi gasps)


FB: Booking a Spanish tour, like, it's in the works, ten days out in Spain.


N: Awesome


FB: So that'll be fucking cool. What else… Amplified, we've just announced for next year


D: Yeah I saw that, that's cool. As long as it doesn't rain this year you'll be alright.


FB: Yeah, I seen it was raining bad… We want to get on Download as well, so if everyone could, like, get in touch with Download for us, that'll be good.


N: Download is going to be rubbish without you guys there


FB: Exactly. We need to get on that.


D: Show up Ozzy…


N: So, loads of plans, loads of stuff on the go. People need to get on your social media and check you guys out!


FB: Yeah


N: Get following. And buy stuff.


D: @florenceblackuk


FB: Yeah, that's the one


D: I fucking know, cos I'm always harassing you (all laugh)


N: Awesome chatting to you. Good luck with everything else and we'll talk to you soon.


FB: Thank you very much. See you soon.


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