Birmingham’s Gabriella Jones is one of the fast rising stars of the blues scene and Down The Front caught up with her following her debut performance at Planet Rockstock. Gabriella spoke to Charley and Morag Farley for Down The Front Media


DTF: How did it go?


G: I absolutely loved it, I have never ever played there before it was one of my absolutely favourite gigs also when it’s a new place you don’t really know what to expect, but obviously Welsh crowd, fantastic singing, just absolutely loved it, it was great!


DTF: You are sort of the new kid on the block in the blues/rock scene and you are absolutely nailing it from everything we read at the moment. So what’s next?


G: Oh thank you! So I guess a tour in the New Year, so I need to get a tour together, the reception, the response to ‘Take Me To The Party’ through Planet Rock and DTF and all these different sources has been absolutely fantastic, so yeah! Obviously you don’t know what to expect when you put something out there, it’s so different to just writing a song on the guitar in your room (laughs) and then going into a studio and then having a full band around and now we have Wyatt (drums) on board as well which is fantastic! So yeah, it would be really great to tour the new music, something about this new band that I have is making me write loads so lots of new material coming out. So hopefully a tour!


DTF: Do you do all the writing yourself?


G: Yes, I do it by myself then bring it to the band and they just bring it to a whole new level!


DTF:  You’ve mentioned there may be a tour in 2018, will there be an album?

G: I definitely have enough material for an album. I have been slowly recording bits, I haven’t done that thing when you record it all in a big chunk, but there’s over a hundred songs to pick from. I’ve been writing for a long, long time! So yes, there is definitely a really solid album in there and I think now, with the backing of Planet Rock and everyone that I’ve been really, really lucky to have, this is the time to get it out there so my studio engineer will be very happy to hear this. So yes an album!


DTF: The reception you got in there (Stage 2) was absolutely phenomenal.


G: It was lovely, it was really fun.


DTF: Your sound was probably the best we’ve heard today. We’ve covered the fact that you’ve got a tour planned, an album, are these guys permanent members in your band?


G: I hope so! This is I mean one of the most fun bands I’ve been in. I think obviously from the perspective of the audience, you want it to sound great but when you are traveling round the country with people and you are in like your garage doing all these songs, you want to be having a real good laugh and they are lovely guys and the sound is great. So I would absolutely love to keep it as it is. Obviously, people are really busy in life but yes, this would be my ideal set up right now so I’m really happy.


DTF: We’d love to come out and see you so don’t forget when you do your national tour to keep Wales on the map! You have just sort of catapulted onto the scene. All of a sudden you appeared on Planet Rock’s playlist with ‘Take Me To The Party’ and people just went wow! So how does that make you feel as an artist?


G: Its lovely, this whole thing of an overnight sensation thing is there these days but I actually started playing when I was 13 and I’m now 23 so it’s been 10 years of honing my craft. People say you’ve got to give blood and I know it sounds like such a standard response but you really do! I’ve done the Isle of Wight festival, Hyde Park, before Bon Jovi and Slash when I was quite a bit younger, so I’m really grateful to all those people who gave me those opportunities because it’s just such good practice. To anyone starting out I would just say even though it’s so annoying when people say you’ve just got to keep at it, but you have just got to keep at it! You really should because it’s a really good laugh and it’s just such good preparation for things that happen. So yes, I’d just been digging round, writing, and obviously, I was very young when I started so I still did school and university and now I’m free to do my music so I’m sort of excited.


DTF: Getting a bit of a background is so important so that if it doesn’t work out in the music industry you have something to fall back on?


G: Exactly! And also like this is a business, so to learn a bit about business, even if it’s just at school, it’s just nice to do especially as a woman, to be a bit sassy and be able to say I’m really just not sure about that, I want to do this, it all helps.


DTF: From your general stage demeanour, you have a ballsy attitude.


G: Thank You! 


DTF: As a woman do you find that there is a lot of sexist attitude out there, does it make you stronger?


G: I think luckily the people I surround myself with are very good at having a girl around so it doesn’t seem odd and I bring the songs to them so I think there is a level of respect there, so they go ‘oh you’ve written his music’, so you know they are wonderful. I think women definitely do experience that and in terms of handling things, especially when I was younger, I noticed that people would try and be like, where’s the guy that’s organising the situation? but obviously that was because I was a child and they probably thought I don’t want to deal directly with someone who’s younger. But now as I’m 23, I’m handling emails myself for all the business side myself so it’s great, but I think it is hard for women but I think if you are with lovely decent guys it’s not a problem because I mean, they wouldn’t mistreat you, they wouldn’t, they are decent human beings regardless of their sex and that’s what’s important.


DTF: So what’s next?


G: Well, we need to record these songs with Greg my engineer, who will be very happy to hear this and then get the tour booked. We need to figure out which way we want to do it. Obviously, we’ll be coming back to Wales and hopefully cover London, The 100 Club is one of my favourite venues to play, so yeah we’ve got a lot of work to do but this has been fantastic and is a great way to end the year. It’s Christmas soon and then the hard work will kick in.


DTF: Well enjoy the break and thank you for taking the time to talk to DTF Media


G: Thank you, you’ve all been very supportive.


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