PLANET ROCKSTOCK 2017 - Interview with KANE'D



This high energy, hard rocking band from Wales took time out after their successful set at Rockstock to talk to David Lydiard from Down The Front Media.


DTF: I’m here with Steph, Stacey and Chez of Kane’d.  How’s your day girls?


K: Good! How are you?


DTF: I’m good, so you’ve pretty much just come off the stage at Rockstock. How do you think that went?


K: Awesome ! We really enjoyed it, great crowd, everybody came out early which was very surprising and better than expected as it’s been a long weekend for everybody. We didn’t think there’d be anyone there so they obviously didn’t drink enough last night [laughs].


DTF: That’s not what I’d heard! [laughs]. Is this your final gig of 2017?


K: It is.


DTF: You’ve just been touring with Tyketto recently as well so how has the year been for you guys?


K: The year has actually been quite decent. We’ve finished our album, our 3rd album and we plan to release that for our tour next year which is in February/March, and we are doing a lot of tour planning which is quite hard work as we are doing it all ourselves. We did get to gig with Tyketto who were just out of this world and for a live band they are just pure class and really, really nice guys. So, I think we’ve formed a friendship. We’ve finished the year on a high.


DTF: Are they going to bring you over to the states to support them out there? That’d be pretty cool!


K: Who knows – that would be very nice but we’re not going to assume anything just drop hints! No, it’s been fun, we’ve done a lot this year, and we’re excited for what we’re going to do next year. It’s worked out quite well!


DTF: I saw you guys at Wildfire back in the summer and I think that’s the first time I’d seen you play live. Just because you were touring more since then, you just seem tighter today, it just seems to be much more polished, not that it wasn’t before, but it just seems to be a more cohesive, polished performance I think?


K: That tends to happen I think the more you gig. You take periods of time off, you get a little rusty. We’ve had times where we’ve had to change players as well and it’s the first time we’ve just been completely comfortable with the whole line up so we’re all bouncing off each other really well now. Everyone at the moment that’s in has been in (the band) for 2 years now, I think everyone knows exactly what everyone’s capable of and what they’re about to do so that makes a big difference. I keep hurting myself on Jack though, he keeps hitting me with his guitar [laughing], I got my hair caught in his guitar a couple of weeks ago, literally the first head bang I got my hair caught! I was like oh my God! What do I do, just yank my hair off? [lots of laughing]


DTF: I’ve only seen you on smaller stages and obviously there’s 7 of you up there, take the drummer out because he’s sat at the back. How do you guys cope with that? Would you prefer a massive stage to run around?


K: I stood on our bass players foot about 20 times today and I’m going “I’m sorry”, it’s crazy, we love to do bigger stages, it suits us better because we all like to run around but when we ‘re on a smaller stage we can make it work. We are like rocking sardines! It works, it’s just cosier!


DTF: You mentioned your 3rd album, I know Stacey said that you’d had the mixes back so how’s it sounding?


K: We’re very excited. It sounds amazing, we hope the fans will think that it sounds amazing. There’s always that thing when you put it out, we don’t know how people will react but we love it so if we’re happy, we are going to push it.


DTF: And what can we expect in terms of sound compared to the last album?

K: Sound is very similar but maybe a little bit heavier, slightly.


DTF: No Death Metal voices?


K: [laughing] No! I can’t do that, maybe that’s how we thought we’d sound today at 12 o’clock but no, it’s going to be an interesting one to see what everyone thinks about it. Some of the songs are a bit more heartfelt I think, and there’s a few more emotions in there but we’ll see what everyone else thinks and we will take it from there.


DTF: Do you have a release date for that next year? I’m assuming it’s a self-release?


K: Yes, it is. We are starting our tour on the 9th February and we are going to do our album launch on that night so we are still trying to figure out if we’re doing a pre-release or not. It will all be decided at the end of this week so we’ll keep you all updated through social media.


DTF: If people want to find you on social media where can they find you?


K: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and we have a website.

If you go to Facebook, you can find everything from there, everyone uses Facebook these days.


DTF: So, you have your tour starting in February?


K: Yeah, middle of February to the middle of March, we have a good amount of UK dates then we’re going over to Europe to do a few dates. 1 or 2 of the venues we’ve played before, but a few are brand new. Hopefully people will come and see us.


DTF: What countries are you playing in Europe?


K: France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Norway. We’re really excited!


DTF: That sounds great! Well good luck for 2018 and with your album release.


Kane’d are: Steph Kane, Stacey Kane, Chez Kane, Harry Scott Elliott, Jack Davies, Josh Raw, George Elliott.

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