PLANET ROCKSTOCK 2017 - Interview with PISTON



PISTON are a five-piece solid, classic, old rock 'n' roll band, but with a new energy and modern adaptation  who have created the most powerful and hard hitting tracks. Down The Front caught up with them after their set at Rockstock 2017.


DAVID: We're here at Planet Rockstock with Piston, How's it going boys? And girl?


PISTON: Alright! Sweet, wicked mate!


D: Freshish off the stage. How did it go?


P: It was good fun… apart from the fact that no-one could pick up my cues that my cymbal was falling off. The sound guy had turned him up, but my monitor wasn't on, And then Rob just though I was pointing at someone in the crowd. So…? (laughs) 


D: And what did Rob do?


P: Just said ‘I don't know what the fuck you're on about!’ (laughs)


D: Probably couldn't hear you...


P: No, no he couldn't. I was just shouting at him, just like, trying to play my cymbal on say about a 90 degree angle, I was like, can you not see? I was pointing at it with my stick, playing one handed, did everything, but no, no good, so.. pain in the arse!


D: Pain in the arse... Yeh what about you Luke?


P: Yeh man was a good show, crowd seemed to enjoy it, we had a good time. The team pulled it out, you know what I mean?


D:And Beka standing in for Iggy, how was it for you?


Beka: It was wicked! Thank you all for having me!


P: I think all the male audience preferred Beka to Iggy, We'll have a bigger audience now, I turned around half way through the set, I was looking into the crowd just lifting my head up and there was 5 cameras pointing at her (laughs) and I was like fair play!


D: So, what's next for Piston?


P: Tomorrow we track vocals, for the record and then we're done, the records done.


D: When do you think that's coming out?


P: Probably mid next year, by the time we've released the pledge campaign and got all that together. It's took longer than we wanted, but it's good cos it sounds great so I'd rather not rush it. We've spent a lot of money on it, so it sounds good!


Beka: There's a plug there! Like, by the way guys, if you wanna put a bit of money in? 


P: Please help us!


D: So, the next big thing is get the pledge campaign sorted out, and then the album off the back of that?


P: That's all done, the pledge and everything is all done, we've just gotta finish the vocals and then it's phase 2, and we go from there.


D: Any plans to tour then off the back of that?


P: Yeh, I should think so, yeh... hopefully, I really want to go back to Europe, want to get some shows in Europe. We got a couple of agents that are interested from Europe as well. And then we'll do this, we'll do England as well.


D: And what can we expect sound wise off the album then, similar to before, is it going heavier, a different direction?


P: Everything's kind of different, you've got your typical classic rock, you got some which is quite modern, cos me and Luke was listening to a lot of Glenn Hughes when we was writing some stuff, so we've got some of that in there, but we've sat on these songs for a few years now, so they're well wrote, we don't write a song in a practice, it's very rare, we spend like 6 months writing a song.


D: When it comes to writing the music then do you guys bring things in separately or do you write as a band?


P: Jack and Luke write the riffs, they go away with a riff and it sounds amazing, and they come back and they say we've added in a few extra bits! We all join in a bit, we fall out but it's all good fun. These pair like the limelight (laughs). 


D: Anything stand out for 2017 as your personal highlights? I'll go round the room...


Brad: I really enjoyed tonight, and I've met a guy called Sid tonight, who is amazing, really cool! And obviously, we did our first gig in Europe, even though we only just got over to France, about a mile over the Calais border, but we made it, and it was good fun, yeh we had a good time. It's been a good year, just nice to see regular people at the gigs, coming back and they're saying 'We've seen you before and we enjoyed it'. Cos every time we come off stage you think you've done shit don't you, you know how it’s supposed to go don't you, but the rest of the audience doesn't and then they come up to you and say 'I thought that was great!' and it fills you with confidence again. You know what like, it’s not even about like making it big or anything like that, it's like your Grandad going all around the country, pays his green fees cos that’s what he enjoys. We enjoy doing this and just seeing the faces, and just to hear someone say 'You did well tonight', even if you played shit, it means the world to you, you know.


Luke: Playing France was awesome! Me and Jack have been going hard on guitars, the gigs and recording, I can't wait for everyone to hear it.


D: Excited for the new album?


P: Yeh it's gonna kill it!!


D: Beka's highlight, playing one and done today (laughs)


Beka: As a one day number, my highlight would be today.


D: First highlight being asked to play, second highlight playing.


Beka: Playing exactly! To be fair it's been wicked! Whenever you're depping in for someone it's always a little bit 'Are you nervous?' Everyone's been lovely, and people like coming up and like you know, really enjoyed it tonight and it’s just awesome these guys are wicked, it's just like playing with my mates, it's just been a laugh.


P: She's had more praising tonight than I've had in 10 years!


Beka: There you go, cos it’s fabulous darling!


D: Fabulous! Highlight of the year, for you Jack?


Jack: Recording and France, I think. Yeh, recording because we got to try out just the best guitar tones that I've ever heard on a record actually, we got to use loads of vintage gear and just really cool stuff, stuff that we could never afford to buy, but the studio have it which is very nice of them.


D: Where did you record?


P: Essex Recording Studios, I've got a four hour drive there tomorrow.


D: Fun!


J: Yeh, but it's gonna be worth it and their guitars sound wicked and probably France was the highlight for me, because we never played abroad before and they were just going mad, and they were chanting and they were having a good time, and it was just nice to know that 5 people from Cannock can actually connect with an audience across the pond you know so it was kinda cool.


D: That's awesome man! So, lots of exciting things to come for Piston in 2018; the pledge campaign, new album, tour off the back of the album... Onwards and Upwards!


P: Yep, Yep!


D: Amazing, thanks a lot guys!


P: Thank you! Thank you.

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