Planet Rockstock 2017 - Interview with TRUCKER DIABLO




 Trucker Diablo are a band that have gone from strength to strength, through hard work and dedication to their craft. Formed in 2008, the band have quickly gained a name for themselves, picking up endorsements along the way from rock icons Ricky Warwick and Joe Elliot. From Armagh, Northern Ireland, Trucker Diablo are Tom Harte, Simon Haddock, Jim McGurk, and Terry Crawford. 


Morag and Charley from Down The Front Media caught up with the guys at Rockstock…


Morag: Hello! This is Charlie and I'm Morag. 


Trucker Diablo: Good to meet you


M: How do you think that went then?


TD: Brilliant. We loved it.


C: So did they!


TD: Yeah, great hot and sweaty… it’s probably the best workout you can ever do isn’t it really!? Great! Unreal


C: So the album, it’s been out a couple of months now and you released it to the pledges first.


TD: Yeah


C: Apart from helping the fans for helping you, any other reason than that, or was it just that?


TD: Just really that, you know, we did it before on the third album, and when we went out on tour the guys were all, are you gonna do another pledge, and we were yeah we’ll think about it. And then it came about and we said we'll try it, and it worked out really well again. There's always that sort of moment when you're at like 50% and you go 'oh crap…' fans are just amazing and we love coming over and coming here with it.


C: The album, your reception of it, how do you feel it's [gone]?


M: We love it by the way!


TD: Oh, thanks so much. It's been really brilliant I have to say, because on our third album we signed with Off Yer Rocka (label) so we sort of just let them do their own thing on it. But with this album, well we're on our own but we have a label in France who signed us, but there was some taking care of the rest of the world and the UK so... nobody pushes your band like yourselves, so we really put a massive push on it. We put a big plan together saying, 'Right we'll do all these videos and release them and just push it out to everyone' so…it's been great like.  We just got a Classic Rock review last week and that was the icing on the cake.


M: I did review the album, for DTF


TD: Yes, that's right.  That was one of the first reviews.


M: It was one of the first, yeah


TD: That's brilliant. Thanks very much you guys…


M: It really, really was an awesome album


TD: Oh thank you.


C: And seeing the new stuff live is just…


TD: Yeah, I know, we’re back here scribbling out a set list going 'what'll we do, what'll we do' so we just went for three new ones, three old ones…


M: Yeah


C: Plans for the New Year?


TD: We're back next week!


C: We'll see you then!


M: Dollshouse? Yes we'll be there.


TD: and then we're actually doing a pledge show on Friday night, in a guys living room. We're going to do an acoustic show; he paid for a show, for us to come over. So we're going to do that…Hopefully we won't get kidnapped!


C: And then tour the album?


TD: Yes. We've a tour organised for next June and then a few other shows back home in between, few more videos.  So we're going to tour, and then hopefully do a few more runs over here then back into Europe.


C: Any festivals?


TD: Yes. Yes, we're doing some festivals, so we're just waiting for the okay, but yeah!


C: Steelhouse would have you!


TD: Yeah. John, we’re old friends so it's brilliant.


C: It's a family thing init.


TD: It is a family thing so I'm thinking of bringing my partner and son over next year, you know just to get them involved, because I've been telling them how great it is over here.


C: And beers'll be on DTF.  At least one round. David and Naomi are paying!


TD: I'll be down the front with yous


C: So album 4 has just dropped


TD: Yeah


C: Are you starting to pen stuff ready for the next one?


TD: Oh fuck me, no!


(All laugh)


TD: I once got told off for writing too many songs.  It's like I said, the song Drown in the Fire, on the album, that was the last one written. I come to the guys like 'guys, I've got a song here…sick…' You know we'd got another one, we thought we'd got it all sorted, but no, no, we have to do this, it’s definitely on the album. But we're constantly writing.  I write new acoustic songs and stuff, and Simon is always writing as well. So there's a few ideas floating around in practice but nothing… we're all like let’s just concentrate on this and get these videos done, and get them out of the way.


C: So we're looking at June for a tour?


TD: June. So it's going to be Scotland - Edinburgh…


C & M: W.. W.. W... Wales…


C: Leave Wales out and we'll come hunting you down!


TD: We're doing Buckley - is that right? Yeah


M: The Tiv


TD: The Tivoli in Buckley. And the Corporation.


TD: We did try and book other places but they were all booked so those were the only dates we could get. So…


C: Here's a random idea - Steelhouse.


M: That would be random.


TD: I'll be there anyway

(all laugh)


M: I'll look forward to it


C: Thanks for your time


M: Lovely to meet you


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