O2 Academy, Islington 25.10.16



Naomi Jeremiah


Warming the crowd up at tonight's gig were 4 piece, hard rock band, ROUGH JUSTICE, consisting of James Watkins (Guitar / Vocals), Tom Brennan (Guitar / Vocals), Danny Savage (Bass) and Andrew Bisgrove (Drums). ROUGH JUSTICE formed in 2012, and are from Hertfordshire.


London based, 3 piece, CAIRO SON took to the stage next and absolutely blew me away with what can only be described as an explosive set! I was immediately elated that as usual, we were, #DownTheFront!


I have been listening to CAIRO SON for some time now, but this was my first time seeing them live, and Gaynor's fifth! From the very first second that CAIRO SON hit their first note, I was hooked!


CAIRO SON are Magdy (Vocals / Guitar), Enrico (Bass / Vocals) and new to the mix, Dave (Drums).  What a combination of talent!! Magdy's vocals are rich, awesomely powerful, and ooze with a tremendous passion, quite unlike anything I have ever heard. These days I wear ear plugs at gigs in the hope that after all this gigging I will retain some hearing into my old age, and yet during CAIRO SON's set, I found myself removing them, beyond thirsty for the incredible music that these guys create. Their sound penetrates deep into your soul, and you can't help but feel every word of every track.  CAIRO SON are captivating and I soon found myself to be entranced by them. I looked over my shoulder, trying to get eye contact with my gig buddies in an attempt to say 'Are you hearing this awesomeness??', instead settling for the biggest, cheesiest grin I could pull!


Opening with 'Burnt With Spite' a track from their 2012 debut album 'HEART AGAINST THE FEATHER', they delivered a hard and riff heavy set. Magdy is the most charismatic of front men and knew exactly how to connect with the crowd, much to their delight. The rhythm section is groove heavy and delivered in a cool and moody manner which personally I adore. They went on to play three tracks from their 2016 album 'STORM CLOUDS', closing with 'Lost In The Shadow' (my new favourite),  with every single song hitting the spot.


If there is only one band that you check out live this year, for goodness sake, let it be CAIRO SON. Don't miss out on CAIRO SON any longer than you have to. Roll on November when I get to see them again! Excited is not the word! These guys deserve all the success in the world!! Phenomenal!!


Next up, headliners RAVENEYE.


I have been like a coiled spring waiting to see them live, and looking around me I wasn't the only one feeling that way!


RAVENEYE a power rock trio from Milton Keynes formed in 2014. They are Oli Brown (Vocals / Guitarist), Aaron Spiers (Bass) and Adam Breeze (Drummer). For those of you that don't know, Oli is a British Blues Guitarist, singer and songwriter, and I have been listening to him for quite some time before his transformation into 'Rock Extraordinaire', and what a transformation that has been! This guy was born to be on a stage, and he looks as though he loves every second of it. RAVENEYE are FUN! The atmosphere electric throughout the venue the second that they run like charging bulls into their first song. If the definition of 'electric' reads as 'having or producing a sudden sense of thrilling excitement' then RAVENEYE truly have this mastered! Their energy, passion and excitement courses through their performance, and you cannot help but jump right in there, and share the experience. That all said, RAVENEYE have a humbleness about them which was evident when they were genuinely overwhelmed at the crowd that had gathered for them, and the reaction they were receiving. As a gig goer it is always wonderful to see that a band appreciates their fans as much as the fans do them. It is most definitely a partnership, one is nothing without the other.


RAVENEYE played tracks from both their EP 'Breakout' and from their recently released full length debut album 'Nova'. Every song had the crowd jumping and singing along with them. RAVENEYE know how to work every inch of a stage, and through doing so, their energy is contagious. It didn't take long before moshing began, until people were lifted upon the shoulders of others , until the crowd were screaming the lyrics back at the band. RAVENEYE's tracks are each beasts in their own right. Heavy riffs, with blues rock undertones filled the air. All extremely skilled musicians, they certainly know how to show you what their weapons of choice can do.


RAVENEYE are going from strength to strength and it's easy to see why! Tracks bursting with hooks that will have you singing along to yourself for hours after hearing them. RAVENEYE are a band to keep your eye on! If you haven't heard them, I encourage you to check them out NOW! I shall be seeing them live again in November, and I am counting the days!


Awesome night, yet again, no wonder @TheGigGals are addicted to live music with so many incredible bands currently circulating!


British Rock is certainly ALIVE and KICKING!!



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