Rock & Blues Custom Show (Day 1) 28.07.17

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Well where to begin….


Two days spent in the wonderful Derbyshire countryside with some of the most wonderful people and great music…other than the wet and windy weather, it was just about perfect.


Day one began with StOpSTop, a throwback to the 70’s melodic Glam Rock band who have travelled all over Europe performing at festivals, bringing their own brand of up-beat sing a long music, cheesy lyrics and dynamic performance.  Jacob, Danny and Vega did a great job of opening the event, working hard to involve the crowd by covering Proud Mary and Thunderstruck, at what is always the difficult early afternoon opening slot.  Check them out – they are certainly entertaining


Syteria stalked onto the stage with smouldering sex appeal and an image which had mouths gaping as tight leather and vinyl proceeded to show the crowds that they were more than just gorgeousness.  Jackie Chambers (of Girlschool fame) rocked the stage, riffs soaring and lots of wonderful rock and roll.  Julia’s personality was contagious and her voice clear and strong.  The dynamic of ages and personalities did not take away from the music and the guys delivered a really strong set  Great job guys.


One of the highlights for me was the wonderful Wayward Sons who were next on stage.  Toby and the guys blistered through a riotously enjoyable set.  Teasing new material from their forthcoming album Ghosts of Yet to Come and getting the crowd bouncing with their recent single Alive and better known first single Until the End, the guys threw in Kicking Up the Dust (Little Angels), and Young Gods and showed just how to keep a crowd interested even when many of the songs were new.   None-stop and top- notch, the crowd loved it and so did I.  I really cannot wait to see and hear more from the band.  If this was anything to go by, Wayward Sons are going to be huge.


The crowd was buzzing still when Toseland walked onto the stage somehow managing to hike the pitch up to pure delirium.   James is a talented showman delivering storing vocals and an even stronger amount of awesomeness.  Opening with Living in the Moment and blasting their way into many a crowd pleaser including Cradle the Rage and Renegade.  We’ll Stop at Nothing had the crowd singling along and whipping the crowd into a storm ready for the wonderful British Lion.

Steve Harris and his band are a definite favourite with the fans.  Singing along to all the tracks and playing the crowd, Steve has the ability to involve the crowd even if they don’t know the words – bouncing along and head nodding in abundance.  I felt that he was there for the fans, almost being a part of them as he stood on the very front of the stage delighting all.  A blistering set, non-stop – the guys were wringing when they came off stage and obviously gave 100%.


The end of day one and an exhausting one – no voice from all the singing along and chatting to a very warm and welcoming bunch of people.  Dale and the back stage guys were wonderful and so well organised it was incredible.


Full review of day two with the wonderful Witch Tripper, The Amorettes, Graham Bonnet, the mighty FM and simply amazing Y&T to follow!!



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