Wheat Sheaf, Oxford 28.10.16





Gary Cox aka The Pie Man!


We are the last people there, bar the  staff. As I'm asked to leave again, I turn to give one last shout out to the incredible Stone Broken . Bellowing out 'bye' to the guys telling them we are off for an Indian, if they are up for it, come find us . I would like to point out at this stage, I have been consuming some poor excuse for a cider and drinking the wife's red wine as she's pushed her way down to the front . Did they join us??? No they are busy packing away their  equipment & jumping into their van to travel home. Sometimes we forget what these 'up and coming' bands go through in an attempt to make it. 


Any how's roll the clock back to 6.30pm. We arrive at the Wheat Sheaf pub . How we found it I don't know . Sandwiched in between the shops is some tiny little opening, in the distance we can see people in black, smoking. Ah! Rock fans & a pub. 


So armed with a box of Stone Broken Rock Pies (we are the Pie Man/Lady) we make our way to the pub, take the stairs up, walk in only to see a tiny venue and Rich up there smashing out a few tunes. Bonus!


The venue is so small there isn't even a backstage/changing room. There are 4 bands playing tonight and equipment strewn in every corner. But everyone seems pretty chilled except the sound guy getting kinda stressed. 

After handing over the pies, chatting to the band and grabbing a few pictures, what promises to be an epic night of music kicks off. 


First up are, Guns of Anarchy, and yeah I liked what they did. Cool lead singer with decent rock vocals, with a scary big haired dude on guitar .


Next up was Dead  Man's Whiskey. Sadly can't tell you too much about these guys as had a missing son who was trying to find us in this hidden little venue. 


Third up was Tequila Mockingbryd. I was a little excited to see these 'Aussie rock chicks' after hearing them on planet rock. Earlier during the night, I ended up next to the merchandise stand and decided to part with a 'tenner' on the basis of one song to get the new album. Totally worth it and every band member said thanks to me for buying it! Manner's! Love a bit of that. Anyway, they didn't disappoint, even though I had to watch them on my own . Son still missing, with Stone Broken up soon, so sent wife off to retrieve him! Well, I wasn't going to miss these girls!! 

They kicked arse on that tiny little stage. We even had a cover of 'Helter Skelter' which was pretty cool and they finished off with 'Smells Like Rock n Roll. Just like to mention the dinkiest drummer I've ever seen, she was amazing to watch ( played the skins like a woman possessed ) and so cool to chat to after.  


So, on to the main course. Son found, and next to me with cider in hand, wife left us to squeeze into a front row slot. Should really point out that my son has never heard of Stone Broken, as we just dragged him out to a rock gig to spend time with him as he's moved to this part of the country. I know! What great parents we are!


They kick off the proceedings with 'Stay All Night'. During which my son says to me 'actually, these are quite good'. I just smile and say 'This is track 10 on the album, where you usually find the filler stuff! There is no filler on this album!'. 


'Better' is next up, already the crowd is singing along. Not good with crowd sizes, but I reckon 100 ish. Rich did say they were the first band to sell out here. It just felt like everyone is joining in which is just feeding straight back to the guys. Massive smiles on all the faces especially Robyn's. They are just having fun now. This ain't work. 


After easing their way through some album tracks, Rich announces they are eating well tonight thanks to the Pie Man/Lady (Wow us!) and some of the crowd start chanting 'Pies Pies'. That was pretty cool! Then Rich asks who's seen the new video for 'Wait for you'. We have! We are in it and a few more down the front are too. It's beginning to feel like my own personal gig now. This is where the wife comes back to me for a hug and we take in the excellent rock ballad 'Wait for you'. 


With the wife gone, (squeezed back to the front) a couple more songs, and bang it's finished. Now, I'm racking my brains trying to remember if there are any songs I've missed. Nope, all done. So this is it then, with nowhere to nip off to for the encore. They stopped , waited , soaked up the love from the crowd and then gave us more loudness.


Kicking off with a new song to me, maybe not others(?) 'Larger' (I think) then breezing into 'Not Your Enemy', how the hell did I forget this one? This song was started with the 'your side of the room can sing louder than this side of the room' shenanigans - which leads to not much voice the next morning. 


All in all it rounded off a truly epic rock gig. I'm so sure this is a story I'm going to be telling my grandkids. 'I was there, tiny venue and just a 'tenner' ' when Stone Broken are headlining every rock festival/stadium tours blah blah.


If you were there you know exactly what I mean.


Rock out! 


The Pie Man 

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