The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton 12.11.16



Gaynor Evans


Third on the bill, on Saturday Night at The Slade Rooms - Wolverhampton, was the jaw dropping good, Trucker Diablo. Yep, the Big Truck Rolled into town!


I have only recently, started listening to Trucker Diablo ( big smack on the hand, for it taking so long!) however, am making up for my delayed response and my ears will be eternally grateful!


They are hard-hitting rock, with a sweet southern edge. Kinda Metallica meets Black Stone Cherry - what's not to love then !! I do think they should come with a WARNING though! Once you start listening to them, you can't stop! They are like the tin of Christmas sweets , you open and promise yourself, you are only going to eat one and the next thing you know, you have demolished the tin!

Same with Trucker Diablo, you start with listening to ' Voodoo' on their debut album ' The Devil Rhythm' , next thing you know, you have listened to it, in its entirety and are moving onto ' Songs of Iron' album,  with ' Rise Above the Noise' waiting in the wings! You have been warned folks, very awesomely addictive.


The power house that is Tom Harte on vocals, kicks off their set, with none other than 'Party Like They Started The End Of The World', with his fellow band mates - Simon, Jim & Terry , they definitely had the crowd, having the time of their lives!

These Irish based rockers are on top form, the crowd are soaking them up as quick as the guys, are swigging their on stage beer. There are no half measures here , this band are epitomised by their fantastic track 'Drink Beer, Destroy' - we were certainly all part of the Trucker Diablo party on Saturday night and like a good pint, it has to be followed up by another! Exactly what the guys did, gave us 40 minutes of meaty rockin tracks, full of riffs n guitar slicks that seriously take some beating.


The truck rolled over 500 miles, taking in two boat trips for Saturday nite, so from the bottom of my heart, I want to say a huge Thank you to the guys. If you get the chance,  to see Trucker Diablo, don't dilly dally like I did before finding them..just go! Watch out for their Pledge campaign too, for their new album  'Fighting For Everything' , pledge away, I can assure you it will be another corker of an album!


Where do I start, with writing my review for Stone Broken?! I want to put AWESOME -  times one million!!! Which they are! But thinking, that might not suffice, so here goes....


Saturday nights show, was their largest headlining show to date, with an awesome crowd of 500 - The Slade Rooms, in Wolverhampton was definitely hot and heaving!


Yes, the Broken Army, had congregated in their masses for this home coming gig. Lots of familiar, friendly faces, all bursting with pride as to how far,  the lovely Rich, Robyn, Kieron and Chris have come in this past year and what a mind blowing year it has been! From airplay on Planet Rock, to the biggest crowd by far, at Ramblin Man's Rising stage and not forgetting signing with Frontiers Records. It truly doesn't get much better ! What makes it extra special, is that this fab foursome, stay humble, grounded and thankful to every fan that supports them. They are the nicest four people, you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. I have had that pleasure, lots of times, so count myself as one extra lucky fan!


On with the gig....

Stone Broken bound onto the stage, to an eager,  excited crowd, straight into 'Stay All Night' - that was it, the crowd instantly ignited by this awesome track and Rich's powerful vocals. Not a single person, in that crowd, was not singing back at them! Just as quick as the crowd ignited, you could see the band, feeding off the crowd too - that is the MAGIC moment ! The moment when, we are all there, united for the same reason, a tidal wave of Rockin' music engulfing us all, a feeling that is PRICELESS!

Up next follows 'Better',  'Be There' and 'Save Tomorrow'  another three phenomenal tracks from their debut album - 'All in Time'. There are few albums out there, that jump out at you,  as a ' WOW' debut album! For me - Thunder - Back Street Symphony is one of those and has stood the test of time. Trust me, 'All in Time' is one of those too, an instant classic. These guys,  are no one trick ponies tho. We were treated to a couple of new tracks Saturday night, that tricky second album,  is not looking so tricky for these guys! Their new offerings sounded amazing & kept the crowd enthralled, to be honest, they were pretty darn perfect!


Another quality of Stone Broken, is that there are four equal members! No one stands out as a fore runner, they all play their part and have great camaraderie, which comes across at every show. Each member has something amazing to give to this band and that is embraced fully. Time for Robyn to shine, with her hard hitting drum solo. Like her mascot - the zany Animal from 'The Muppets' who is religiously tied to her drum kit each gig. Robyn holds nothing back and hits those drums, like her life depended on it! It is simple really - she feels it ! That passion, comes across in every beat and also in her smile. Robyn, you are simply amazing!


If the crowd weren't eating out of their hands already, next up is 'Wait For You'. A tune that resonates with everyone and gets the heart fluttering. If you could wrap up a song as a perfect present, to give to your loved one, this is that song! A great Rock ballad, featuring lots of you Broken Army members in the video. Yet again, Stone Broken showing how much the fans mean to them.


The evening couldn't conclude without 'This Life', 'Fall Back Down' and to finish on an almighty high 'Not Your Enemy' - the opening track of their album and it's a corker, there is no wonder, as to why it was 'A' listed by Planet Rock! Its hard and gritty and there is only one thing to do - jump & throw those hands in the air! The crowd didn't disappoint! It was a perfect end to a fantastic night. There is only one way this band is going and that is well and truly up !


Thank you Stone Broken for one of my favourite gigs of the year .


Thank you also Broken Army, keep doing, what you do best - Supporting Live Music!




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