STONEWIRE / CAIRO SON / WITCHINGSEASON - The Black Heart, Camden 14.07.17

Naomi Jeremiah

(Photo Credits: Kahmel Farahani)


On a hot summer’s evening, where better to go spend your time than in a hot, sweaty venue in the heart of Camden.

Arriving later than planned, we only caught the end of Witchingseasons set unfortunately; and it was unfortunate, as what we heard sounded fantastic. An alternative rock trio from London, these guys know how to draw you into an almost hypnotic trance state through their blend of sludge, grunge and good old hard rock. We saw enough of their set to know that we must catch them live again soon.


Next up were London three-piece, Cairo Son. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen them live, and yet with each gig they never fail to surprise me. This post-grunge, stoner rock band deliver every single note with a passion and intensity that is utterly captivating. Opening with ‘Devils Tongue’, Cairo Son hit you with a ferocity that is hard to beat. There is something wild and evocative about their music, with carefully crafted lyrics that the majority of people would find hard not to relate to. Cairo Son continued on through ‘Give Me Strength’ and ‘Lost In The Shadow’ and it very quickly became apparent that this band were on fire in their performance that evening. Magdy (Vocalist / Guitarist) has always given his all every time I have seen them perform but on this occasion he seemed inspired. He was firing on all cylinders and delivered an aggression fueled, absolutely outstanding show, it was utterly mesmerising. With their recent addition of new drummer, Ed, there really is magic happening between the trio. They ended their set with a new song named ‘Dyin Cries’ which sounded incredible and this went down extremely well judging by the crowd reaction. It’s exciting to see what Cairo Son will do next, now that this new foundation is definitely having a positive impact upon the band. I cannot wait to see Magdy, Rico & Ed perform again. If you have the opportunity to see Cairo Son, do not hesitate in going, a memorable band that awakens your soul.




The headliners for this evening were Stonewire. A band with a melting pot of Classic Rock, Blues Rock and a dirty Southern twist. We had first seen Stonewire live when attending HRH Blues earlier in the year, and were absolutely blown away by their performances both electric and acoustic. So as soon as this gig was announced we just had to buy tickets. This band are WOW! They deliver a powerful and energetic performance, with the most incredible of vocals. Sky Hunter (Vocalist) has one of the most awesome sets of #Powerpipes I have heard in recent years, making her a phenomenal front woman and asset to this tight sounding band. However, what makes Stonewire special and rise head and shoulders above bands of a similar genre is the way that they work together to blend voice and music. There is an ethereal quality to the sound created when they all sing together. Opening their set with ‘Walk The Line’, they are immediately enthralling. They maintained their high energy throughout the set, and made sure you stayed ‘up there’ with them. Playing on through their set, ‘Favourite Bitch’ put a huge smile on my face. This is one of my favourite tracks and it had the crowd singing along with them. Despite having some sound issues with microphones, Sky’s powerful vocals still managed to fill the room and therefore the performance was not affected in the slightest. They played a cover of Seals ‘Crazy’ which sounded great! Stonewire are incredibly versatile and are a fascinating listen. An invigorating set from this South East of England band, and they have fast become one of my favourites. I cannot recommend them highly enough.



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