The Bad Flowers & Guests 21.01.17        Mama Roux's Birmingham

Samantha Lamb


Mama Roux’s is not a venue I have been to before and if you haven’t either I would urge you to go. It is great, you can see the stage from where ever you are standing and they have a really appealing balcony area with chairs and tables. Check it out.


First up we had Killer Bob who were a female fronted 3-piece grunge metal band. This is not my cup of tea but they played with lots of energy. We came in towards the end of their set.  Fleer followed, another 3 piece with influences from Deftones and Nirvana, who went down well with the audience.


Next up were The Crimson Star. Again a 3 piece, who delivered on enthusiasm and sound.  This was a riff driven, hard hitting rock sound and I will be checking them out again. There were influences from Alter Bridge and Nirvana.


Black Rose Cadillac then came on and I had seen them before at the Dementia Awareness Festival. They are a 5-piece band who play with a great deal of swagger and drive. They certainly had the crowd clapping and bouncing along. This is sing along, catchy rock played really well. They are worth checking out if you haven’t seen them. They have just been announced as support for Toseland and I feel they will do a great job in getting the audience going. Oh, and the singer, Ryan Hulme reminded me of a dark-haired Ewan McGregor!


Finally, it was time for The Bad Flowers, who consist of Tom Leighton on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Dale Tonks on Bass and Vocals and Karl Selickis on Drums. Tom started the proceedings by saying that they were going to play a lot of new material tonight, which I was really looking forward to hearing. The new songs were Who Needs a Soul, Lions Blood, Seeing is Believing, Be Your Man and a song which does not yet have a title it is so new!  These combined with Hurricane, Can you Feel It?, City Lights and the encore Big Country to provide a well-rounded set.


As usual The Bad Flowers did not disappoint. This band play with such energy and enthusiasm. Tom is a great guitarist who can play some of the sweetest riffs, Dale plays pounding, heavy bass and Karl looks and plays like a demon on the drums. There is genuine affection between the band members which you can see in the looks and nods they give each other, as if to spur each other on. 


The song without a title was really impressive as it is a change in direction, being slower and more subtle than the in your face, full on, rock and roll that this band is well versed in creating. This is a song that builds in tempo and allows the audience and band a moment to breathe. It builds in to sensational bass lines and epic drumming, which Dale and Karl manage to perfection. All of this is beautifully overlaid with Tom’s classy and shimmering guitar.


All of the songs hit the mark for me, this is rock and roll done really well, sending you off into another place where you cannot stop your feet tapping, your head nodding and your smile breaking out. The songs have a catchy, sing along quality that I like plus they know how to play their instruments to promote the feelings and characteristics they are creating.  This is not easy, pop rock but full on, in your face rock and roll.


The crowd loved the mixture of new and old and the new album is now very eagerly anticipated.  If you have not seen The Bad Flowers before I would urge you to go and see them. They have a variety of dates coming up and are playing at Wildfire Festival



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