O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, London 06.11.16



Gaynor Evans


Shepherd's Bush Empire was buzzing last night, it was simply packed to the rafters and rightly so! The three, laid back, whiskey sipping guys - Jaren (lead, guitar), Kelby Ray (bass) and Neil (drums) returned to London, in almighty fashion! YES, The Cadillac Three bots, were back in Ole London town! Jaren, himself saying, 'they have come a long way since The Barfly, Camden days' - and that they have!


The Nashville trio, ooze that southern spirit from the minute, those boots of theirs hit the stage. Straight into 'Bury Me In My Boots' the title track from their second album (and just for the record, what an album it is! If you haven't got it, WHY NOT?!) The crowd are immediately embraced, in that feel good vibe and that is what they do best! These guys just have the knack of unleashing a big box of happy pills!


With a mix of new tracks 'Slide', 'Soundtrack To A Six Pack', 'Graffiti'....to firm favourites - 'Get Your Buzz On', 'Tennessee Mojo', 'Peace, Love & Dixie' (and yes, we were most definitely shaking our hips like a hip, hip, hippy!). They can do no wrong! The hum dinger, when the guys were here earlier in the year, was the lack of 'Party Like You'. Ohh trust me, it's back and with a real edgy feel too! There wasn't a soul in there last night, not feeling like a Saturday night!


They also show their softer side, with the beautiful 'Runnin' Red Lights' and 'White Lightening'. Both dedicated to Jaren's lovely wife Evyn. Both are mesmerising, spine tingling tracks even, you can literally feel every word. The emotional impact, shows on the crowds faces, those with their nearest and dearest, pulling them in, that bit closer. That is the magic of great music!


The wiggly evening was nearly concluding - Nooooo! But there is no way, the TC3 guys were going out without a bang! Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown returned to the stage, for a double force of Southerness! WOW! Full of energetic kiss ass attitude and full of sheer fun, a sign of a great friendship. Was just like watching Naomi and I, on a girly night out! Ha ha.


Last song of the night, need I say anymore than - 'This is where I was born & this is where I'll die.....!' 'The South' makes the crowd erupt into song, singing every word, fists pumping the air and the echo of foot stamping fills Shepherds Bush Empire! Amazing and a big HELL YEAH to be a part of, I may have had a little tear in my eye - shhh don't tell! The love and passion for these guys is obvious from one and all, quite simply, TC3, we love you!


Catch The Cadillac Three and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown on their 2016 tour of the UK:


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09/11 Glasgow

10/11 Birmingham

11/11 Bristol



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