THE CADILLAC THREE / BROTHERS OSBORNE - Rock City, Nottingham 13.11.17




Rock City, Nottingham was absolutely heaving this evening for The Cadillac Three with support from Brothers Osborne. The atmosphere was buzzing and people seemed in high spirits for the night ahead. It wasn’t long before the main hall was beginning to feel a little cramped as more and more people filed in, taking their spots in anticipation for the night ahead.


It wasn’t long before the lights dimmed and the amazing Brothers Osborne took to the stage, kicking off the evening with a guitar solo intro leading into a sing-a-long to Steam’s ‘Nananana Hey Hey Hey Goodbye’, the whole crowd joining in the moment their boots hit the stage. First track ‘Down Home’ kicked in and the low, thick baritone of TJ Osborne caressed the awaiting ears of the almost capacity crowd. Such an awesome voice in a live setting! The crowd loved it, swaying along, arms in the air and rapturous applause ensued. ‘Rum’, with its groove-laden country blues, awesome beat and playful lyrics, had the crowd clapping along again and it’s really great to see the interaction between the band and the crowd, especially as this is the first time they have ever played in Nottingham.


TJ takes time to introduce the band to the crowd, before explaining that the next track is a new song called ‘Shoot Me Straight’, a track that not many people will have heard as of yet but it’s going to be their next single. ‘Greener Pastures’ is up next, followed by the much slower and lyrically beautiful ‘Loving Me Back’, a track that TJ Osborne explains, “it’s our chill song that we recorded, really, for ourselves and honestly we didn’t think anyone gave a shit about this song, and we did it just anyway cause it was a song that we liked”. It’s a beautiful song, that for me is ruined by the constant chatter from the audience that spoil the quiet moments, the heartfelt lyrics that reached out and tugged on the heartstrings, the bits that deserve the full attention of the audience. Nonetheless, it is gorgeous! TJ’s vocals communicating the pure emotions behind every word, the majority of the audience are enthralled by the track, swaying in time with a slow swagger. There’s a ‘woooo!’ from a woman in the crowd and the song takes on a new depth as the rumble of the bass kicks in. Purely stunning! The crowd show their appreciation with a huge cheer and round of applause as the song comes to a close and runs straight into the next track ‘Stay A Little Longer’, a mid-tempo traditional country blues number that really gets the crowd going, everyone singing the words and joining in, John Osborne treating the crowd to a solo that results in cheers and applause, then the whole crowd starts clapping in time with the beat, the atmosphere becoming more intense as the two brothers stand side by side enjoying every moment, the booms of the drums bringing the song to a close. Love it!


TJ addresses the crowd again “Cheers Y’all!! Good to be here! We didn’t know what to expect, coming all the way over here to England and seeing a bunch of crazy m*****f*****s that make you feel right at home!” the crowd explodes and at this point TJ announces that Brothers Osborne will be back in May 2018 for their own headline tour which receives another huge response from the crowd. The call and response from TJ whips up and it’s great to see the audience getting behind the support band who have been absolutely amazing tonight. Next up is ‘It Ain’t My Fault’, the deep baritone of TJ really rumbling on this one as he shouts out “Get your hands up!” and the crowd do exactly that, clapping in double time to the song, everyone is swaying and really getting into the track as John once again shows off his bluegrass style licks and riffs, the whole audience clapping along as the solo intensifies propelling the track back to the vocals, the audience in high spirits, singing every word, clapping and cheering as the Brothers Osborne close their set, to a rapturous applause, hoots and cheers. What a set! What a night! And we haven’t even got to the headliners yet!


Brothers Osborne are:

TJ Osborne – lead vocals and rhythm guitar

John Osborne – lead guitar and backing vocals



Set List:

Down Home


Shoot Me Straight

Greener Pastures

Loving Me Back

Stay A Little Longer

It Ain’t My Fault


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The crowd are buzzing, the atmosphere is almost electric and you can feel how eager the audience are to see the headliners, everyone is smiling, laughing and the mood in the room almost tangible. After a brief intermission and a refreshment, the intro music ‘Misirlou’ from Dick Dale and his Del-Tones booms out of the speakers as The Cadillac Three take to the stage, the audience cheering as they all walk to the front of the stage and greet the audience before taking their places behind their prospective instruments and beginning their set with the crowd pleaser ‘Peace Love & Dixie’ from their second album ‘Bury Me in My Boots’. The whole place goes into overdrive with a huge roar as the roll into the next track ‘Slide’, the atmosphere tinged with the urge to breakout in line dancing as Jaren Johnston reels off the playful lyrics, he feet sliding across the floor while he plays the guitar and really gets the audience swaying, their hands in the air, plastic beer glasses held high as everyone shimmies to the grooves that the these three guys are laying down for the crowd tonight. Jaren slides towards the back of the stage on his knees, resulting in him laying flat on his back, legs all bent up underneath him while he continues to churn out the riffs. Kelby Ray on the lap steel player gets to his feet, throwing his mass of SideShow Bob-esque hair around, the curls bouncing to the rhythm of the song as it draws to a close and Jaren gets to his feet, approaches the crowd and shouts out “We’re The Cadillac Three from Nashville, Tennessee!” but somehow I think everyone in the audience is well aware of that fact, these guys are just awesome!


‘Soundtrack to a Six Pack’ begins and the crowd throw their arms up again and cheer throughout the track. Jaren calls out ‘Y’all ready for this shit?’ as they launch into ‘Tennessee Mojo’, a deep groove laden country number that has the women in the audience swinging their hips while the whole crowd join in with singing the chorus. ‘Back It Up’ has the crowd once again singing along, almost chanting the lyrics back to TC3 as Jaren encourages them to join in, the whole audience cheering as the track comes to a close. Jaren thanks the audience for coming out tonight and supporting their music, then he thanks the support band Brothers Osborne adding “that’s my favourite band right there, they’re two of the sweetest guys you’re ever gonna meet in your life, so go buy their shit.. and support those guys.. or don’t! I don't really care as long as you support us” the crowd laughs. Jaren is so good at talking to the audience and engaging with them and they absolutely love him!


Next up is ‘Long Hair Don’t Care’, the first track of the evening from their third album Legacy, which starts off with the guys singing acapella while the audience clap along keeping the beat going before the instruments kick in. ‘Hank & Jesus’ rings out and at the close of the track Jaren introduces the new album Legacy asking the crowd “I hope you like it man! Hank & Jesus is on there, and I hope you like it, we’re gonna play a lot of it tonight, I hope you’re happy with it, if not you can kiss my ass!” of course the crowd responds with laughter. As the next track starts up the crowd are tapping their feet, the stomping becoming drastically louder as the beat propels us through ‘Demolition Man’ which is one of my favourites from the new album, the beat, rhythm and lyrics are catchy as hell but live it sounds even better!


Jaren talks to the audience about their time at Download this year and how awesome it was, then jumps straight in to ‘Bury Me In My Boots’, the audience audible over Jaren, everyone singing in unison as the crowd sways and totally envelopes themselves in the music, the closing lines of the track are taken over by the sheer volume of the audience, it is just immense at Rock City tonight. ‘Drunk Like You’ receives the same treatment, the audience delivering every word to the band, clapping along, swaying and singing, and upon its conclusion the audience once again explode in an ecstasy of clapping and cheering, whistling and hooting. The atmosphere is incendiary as Jaren reels off an awesome riff!


Neil Mason keeps the crowd going for the next track, the beat of the drums coming thick and fast before cranking it up for the intro to ‘Graffiti’, another track from their second album Bury Me In My Boots. It’s another crowd pleaser, the audience singing along. As the song ends Jaren calls out for someone to get him a cold beer and adds “All these people singing along is so awesome!” as they move straight into the next track ‘Runnin’ Red Lights’ a slower ballad that has the crowd once again singing along to every word, the atmosphere is just awesome! ‘I’m Southern’ is next, flowed closely by ‘I’m Rockin’ with its rumbling heavy bass from Kelby Ray and the booms of the drums from Neil Mason. The audience really loving the song, everyone bouncing with energy, beers are held high and their contents are spilling over the edge of the cups, but no one cares because they’re all enjoying the music too much!


‘Whiskey Soaked Redemption’ is up next after which Kelby Ray shows everyone what he can do with the lap steel player producing an awesome solo that has the crowd hooting and cheering before sliding into ‘Take Me To The Bottom’, ‘Tennessee’, and ‘Dang If We Didn’t’, all of which receive more applause and cheers, the volume increasing once again as Jaren declares “This one’s for all the pretty ladies in the room” as he starts singing “she stole my heart. I said she stole my heart, yes she did!” the room all singing along with him as the opening bars of ‘White Lightning’ fill the air and the burst of vocals from the crowd shock him just slightly as he allows them to take over singing parts of the vocals and you can see that TC3 are in awe of the love and support they are receiving from everyone in the room. The people on the balcony are swaying and women are dancing, there’s a taste of sheer devotion in the air, everyone joined in unison and the volume takes it up another notch. Truly awesome atmosphere in Rock City tonight! ‘Days of Gold’ receives another huge cheer from the crowd, the noise of their singing is somewhat deafening but everyone is in high spirits as the guys bring their immensely satisfying set to a close and leave the stage waving to everyone..


...or so we think! The crowd start cheering and clapping even louder, the whole venue clapping so loud, the cheers and shouts for more don’t go unanswered as The Cadillac Three retake the stage Jaren acknowledges the audience “Thank you guys so much! Love you guys! We’re gonna come back! I’m telling you guys what a cool thing it is to come all the way over here to hear you guys singing every damn word, and just hanging out with us, drinking beer *raises his drink* and eating Shepherd’s pie and all that bullshit! *laughs from everyone rippling through the venue*. Love it! LOVE IT!!” And crowd once again burst into cheers and applause. A truly amazing evening!


The encore song ‘American Slang’ from their new album Legacy starts up and it’s tremendous! Everyone clapping along and singing every word back to the guys on stage and they seem to really enjoy the evening as much as the fans. The final song of the evening ‘The South’ is a perfect track to end the evening, it’s lively and energetic, Jaren is spinning round, he’s all over the stage, Neil Mason is hammering away on the drums and Kelby Ray is up on his feet too, the crowd singing out “This is where I was born and this is where I’ll die!”, the final chorus ringing out as The Cadillac Three bring the track to an end.


What an awesome evening, finished off with the obligatory band picture with them holding their flag and the fans with the horns up in the background, wow! Just wow! One of the best live performances I’ve had the privilege of being part of!! Definitely going to be seeing The Cadillac Three again next time they are touring. If you haven’t caught them yet on this tour then I have to ask what the hell have you been doing? Go see them!!


If you love country rock and blues then these guys will have you rocking, bopping, and swaying from beginning to end. In total they played 22 tracks spanning their 3 albums and rocked the venue for a little shy of 2 hours, and it was a night I won’t forget in a hurry.


The Cadillac Three are:

Jaren Johnston – Vocals and guitar

Neil Mason – Drums

Kelby Ray – Lap Steel Player


Set List:

Peace, Love & Dixie


Soundtrack To A Six Pack

Tennessee Mojo

Back It Up

Long Hair Don’t Care

Hank & Jesus

Demolition Man

Bury Me In My Boots

Drunk Like You


Runnin’ Red Lights

I’m Southern

I’m Rockin

Whiskey Soaked Redemption

Take Me To The Bottom


Dang If We DIdn’t

White Lightning

Days Of Gold


Encore tracks:

American Slang

The South


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