THE DEAD DAISIES with support from     THE AMORETTES - The Robin 2, Bilston 09.04.18



As the Dead Daisies new album is released, the ‘Burn It Down’ tour has hit the road for a serious number of dates throughout the UK and Europe.


As I pulled up to the Robin2, Bilston, a good 45 minutes before the doors were due to open, it was obvious from the fans queuing outside on a wet and miserable evening that tonight’s sold out show was a hotly anticipated one.


I love The Robin2 for a number of reasons; they have really great bands playing there; the sound is always spot on; management are fabulous and staff friendly; but the main reason is the people. Stood in the queue with so many people chatting away, you feel like you have known them 10 years not 10 minutes. So much excitement and not just for the Daisies but also for their support on this tour, The Amorettes.


As the doors opened and the fans filed in, the first 100 through the door were given Meet and Greet wristbands much to the delight of the predominantly un-expecting fans causing the excitement in the room to intensify.


The room had filled to capacity as the familiar intro for the Scottish girls, and perfect fit for The Robin2, of Slade’s ‘We’ll Bring The House Down’ came across the PA system before the trio launched into their set with the title track from their new album ‘Born To Break’. The girls have a great classic rock sound to their music, it’s loud, it’s heavy and it captures the crowd. 2 songs in and there are fists in the air, studded wristbands catching the light and fitbit screens twinkling as the infectious rhythms take hold.


With 4 albums to pick tracks from, the set list I’m sure has minor changes every night of the tour but not wanting to spoil things for those yet to catch a show, I’ll just mention the highlights.


‘Bull By The Horns’ from ‘Game On’, ‘White Russian Roulette’ and the anthemic ‘Let The Neighbours Call The Cops’ from ‘White Hot Heat’ certainly did turn the heat up, Gill Montgomery leading the willing crowd through a singalong of the latter and also of probably one of my favourite tracks of theirs, ‘Hot and Heavy’. Recent extensive airplay of their very catchy new single, ‘Everything I Learned, I Learned From Rock And Roll’ has highlighted the band at the perfect time for this tour.


All of the nights songs were the perfect choice, keeping the energy of the crowd up throughout in preparation for the Daisies. Gill who is a talented guitarist was hitting the riffs with ease and dexterity, her vocals strong and melodic, her interaction with the crowd in introducing songs was spot on too showing a maturity and confidence beyond her years. Hannah is one of the best female drummers around hitting the drums very hard and heavy but full of rhythm maintaining a perfect balance between power and pace. Heather delivering a pulsating bassline throughout, hair flying and foot on the monitor as standard practice providing enough groove to complement Gills lead. There is an authenticity about the trio, they have a charisma on stage and can certainly deliver their quality songs to a high standard.  A thoroughly enjoyable and very well received set. Inviting fans to meet them at the back of the room to say hello, I felt the band made a lot of new fans during the evening.


The Amorettes are:

Gill Montgomery, Hannah McKay and Heather McKay.


Check them out at:



As The Amorettes kit was cleared away and microphone stands and pedal boards put into place, the atmosphere had become electric. Surging towards the stage, there was barely room to breathe. The Dead Daisies trademark skulls visible on torsos as phones lit up hoisted aloft in preparation for the entrance of the Daisies. I found myself holding my breath as the intro started and the band took to the stage.


As the cheers went up, so did the opening track ‘Rise Up’. Like a punch in the stomach, the music simply erupted from the amps. The clarity and quality could have come from a recording it was that balanced and clean, but it had that added live adrenaline feel you only get when guitars come alive.  Oh we were in for a good night! A great song to open with as the crowd sang along to the chorus, smiling glowing faces, fists and horns up in abundance! It’s only the second night of the tour but all the rehearsals prior certainly showed from the get go.


Another track from the new ‘Burn It Down’ album, ‘Resurrected’ sounded phenomenal live.  It packs a punch with a humongous chorus and some serious riffage. John Corabi has a wonderful tone to his voice. It sounds like he gargles with vodka but whatever he does, he is on spectacular form tonight – gesturing to photographers, playing to the cameras demonstrating just how to be a rock band frontman. 4 songs in and so many different guitars! Referred to by Corabi as ‘the man with the golden guitar’ (referring to the beautiful full sounding Les Paul Goldtop) Doug Aldrich swaps between the Goldtop, his ESP Custom, the Gibson, and is in immense form, hitting the riffs, mixing it up from sliding to clean and everything in between.


Noticeable were the smiles between the band themselves, “Make Some Noise,” said Corabi, so the crowd did, singing along to a song that could fill out a stadium, sweat and anthemic songs, a winning combination for a great night out!


Taking it down slightly with ‘Song and A Prayer’, the band are so cohesive and settled in to the set, the music flows, the vocal sheer class.


Marco connects with the crowd, flicking picks out, smiling,  focussing on individuals, but despite all that he is a technically proficient, funky bass player. David Lowy, founder of the band, stalks around the stage with his white flying ‘V’ singing along as he does so, duelling with the others playfully. I’m too close to the front to see Deen Castronovo despite the white lights lighting up his kit, just the glimpse of a black-gloved hand and drumstick but I certainly know he’s there. He has a groove to his playing, an understated flamboyance which smacks away keeping the pace to the drive of David, Marco and Doug’s guitars.


Corabi’s banters with the crowd between songs prompted laughter and even more smiles if that was even possible, references to ex-wives (‘Devil Out Of Time’), UK weather (‘Last Time I Saw The Sun’) preceded songs. “Midnight Moses’ played on the beautiful cherry red Gibson double neck is simply stunning. Aldrich has an ability to enthral a crowd keeping them watching every solo in awe and appreciation.


The new album had only been released on the 6th April and the set list reflected this mixing songs from all 4 albums and one or two covers. Every member of the band are seasoned professionals, the pedigree is astounding and it showed throughout the entire night. An energy and obvious enjoyment, a playfulness and flamboyance but more importantly a master class in being a world class Rock band at the top of their game.


As the band left the stage after the main set, the crowd bade for the expected encore, not wanting the night to end.


Coming back onto the stage, the band members smiling and seemingly overwhelmed by the reaction to them, they launched into ‘Judgement Day’ followed by their cover of ‘Fortunate Son’ which is now a recognisable fan favourite at their gigs and a fitting song to end the night.


As the band took their bow and photo from the drum riser, the cheers and whoops continued from the audience. A truly memorable gig by a band so solid and top notch it was a pleasure to be in their company.


As the crowd left and the excited wristband holders assembled to meet the band, I looked around the room at the smiling, sweaty exhausted faces leaving and the glowing excitable ones remaining. Noticing The Amorettes were still at the back of the room smiling for photos and comfortably chatting to all those who had wanted to meet them and seeing how happy and relaxed they looked cemented my thoughts that these had been a very good choice as support for this tour.


With 100 people waiting to chat to the band, The Dead Daisies were organised, sat waiting with sharpies and smiles for a steam of people filing along the line of tables. Photos and hugs willingly given albeit a little hurriedly but nevertheless, a nice way to finish a great night.


Catching a quick word with Marco and Doug afterwards they said, “The crowd have been great!” and they seemed genuinely blown away by the reaction they had got here tonight. In a market with so many bands touring, it was nice to see how a truly great band of rock musicians can still appreciate their fans and pull out all the stops to put on such a good night.


For those with tickets to forthcoming gigs, prepare to be rocked as the band bring it on and ‘Burn It Down’.


Check out the band through their social media and website:


The Dead Daisies are:

John Corabi - Vocals

Doug Aldrich - Guitars

David Lowy - Guitars

Marco Mendoza - Bass

Deen Castronovo - Drums





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