THE DEAD DAISIES with support from THE TREATMENT / THE AMORETTES - O2 Academy, Bristol 14.04.18



For the first time in what seems ages the sun shone and the temperature had risen so that wearing a tee shirt wasn’t uncomfortable. We approached the O2 Academy about 4 hours before doors and people were already congregated at the entrance, there was already a sense of excitement in the air with old friends meeting up and introductions made to create new friendships. We at Down the Front Media were lucky to catch up briefly with all three of the bands before the show and they were as excited as the crowd. The first 100 people in the queue were handed wristbands, considered a golden ticket to some of the fans, which allowed them to meet The Dead Daisies at the end of the night, I will cover this later in the review.


Due to the three band line up there wasn’t a long wait before The Amorettes took to the stage, this  hard rocking Scottish 3 piece take no prisoners. From the very opening beats of Hannah’s drums in ‘Born To Break’, the title track from their latest Top 40 album, the rapidly filling crowd were in for a wild night. Having seen The Amorettes a number of times these ladies have grown as a unit, tighter and more confident, and with 4 albums worth of material they put on a punchy set of songs. Gill takes a short break to chat to the crowd between tracks, probably for them to catch their breath, as they continue with the breakneck, audio assault with songs like ‘Stealing Thunder’ and ‘Let The Neighbours Call the Cops’.


Once again these ladies have the crowd moving wildly, especially when the pace picks up further for ‘Bull By The Horns’ and then the current single ‘Everything I Learned - I Learned from Rock’n’Roll’.  Gill, Heather and Hannah’s work here was almost done but they had time for a very apt closing track of ‘Hot and Heavy’ and this summed up the evening so far as the temperature rose and the music was certainly heavy.


Set List

Born To Break

Stealing Thunder

Let The Neighbours Call the Cops

White Russian Roulette

Bull By The Horns

Everything I Learned, I Learned from Rock’n’Roll

Hot and Heavy


The Amorettes are:

Gill Montgomery - Vocals/Guitar

Heather McKay - Bass/Backing Vocals

Hannah McKay - Drums/Backing Vocals


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The full house had just about got its breath back after the excellent opening act when The Treatment took their turn to join the party. A new look line up since the last time I saw these guys with Tom Rampton taking over vocal duties, and with the band holed up in the studio working on their next album, would they be road weary? Hell no!


From the very opening notes of the perfectly titled ‘Let it Begin’ the Cambridge 5 piece band were pumped and so were the crowd. Tom fits right in, you’d never guess he’s only been in the band a few months, a confident and powerful performance.


Treating us to a couple of tracks from the next album ‘Let’s Get Dirty’ and ‘On The Money’ the future is looking bright for these guys. Taking a more punky direction with ‘Drink, F**K, Fight’ asking the crowd to chant the title back at the band, which they seemed to do in an almost passive aggressive way, ‘I Bleed Rock’n’Roll’ described a large proportion of the crowd. ‘Running with the Dogs’, ‘Get The Party On’ both with the dual harmony guitars of the Grey’s, the ever enthusiastic Swoggle on bass and the powerful Dhani on drums leaving the Bristol crowd jumping. Their final track for their set was ‘Shake The Mountain’, with the audience screaming back the chorus and the venue’s foundations shaking, The Treatment had turned the temperature up another notch.


Set List:

Let it Begin

Let’s Get Dirty

On The Money

Drink, F**k, Fight

I Bleed Rock & Roll

Running With The Dogs

Get The Party On

Shake The Mountain


The Treatment are:

Tom Rampton - Vocals

Tagore Grey - Guitar/Backing Vocals

Tao Grey - Guitar/Backing Vocals

Rick ‘Swoggle’ Newman - Bass

Dhani Mansworth - Drums


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The two support acts had done their job and done it well. We, the audience, were well and truly warmed up both physically and vocally for the headline act, The Dead Daisies. The O2 Academy was packed, people jostling for barrier space and vantage points to see possibly one of the hardest working bands on the circuit.


The crowd were singing to the interval tracks over the PA, and as the house lights drop, the crowd quietens down. One by one the band take their positions, as each silhouette moves across the stage the crowd screams louder and louder. Then it begins. Doug Aldrich’s low opening riff of ‘Resurrected’ as the lights go up to a wall of sound back from the crowd, the rest of the band join in on the fun with John Corabi bouncing onto the stage and the party really gets started. Smashing straight into ‘Rise Up’ from their brand new album ‘Burn It Down’ which has been out just over a week, it’s great to hear the crowd singing back the new tracks to the band and all throughout the track Marco is throwing picks into the crowd with the accuracy of a sniper.


John asks the crowd are they ready to ‘Make Some Noise’ as they step back to their previous 2016 release and the crowd didn’t let them down, from Deen Castronovo’s powerful intro beat, John’s huge and powerful vocals, Marco’s groovy bass line and the guitar work of Mr Aldrich, Lowy gives this song all the hallmarks of a stadium rousing classic.


The sublime opening notes of ‘Song and a Prayer’ rang out across the venue, with the crowd once again assisting Mr Corabi in his vocal duties, the stomp of ‘Dead and Gone’ got the floor moving again. ‘Mexico’ another obvious crowd favourite gets the capacity choir in unison, with picks flying off the stage from all three guitarists almost as a thank you for joining in.


Another new track ‘What Goes Around’ shows off the rhythm section with its hip shaking groove, Deen may be the “New Guy” but he’s settled into the role perfectly and his heavier drum style complements Marco’s imposing bass lines. John Corabi comments about the Great British weather and describes what it’s been like so far this week and praises Bristol for being able to summon the sun for the final show of the UK run, leading into ‘The Last Time I Saw The Sun’.


‘Can’t Take it With You’ is another bottom line heavy song, deep and rich, with a soaring solo. John Corabi pokes fun at his own experience in life before the next track ‘All The Same’. The band leave the stage as it’s Deen Castronovo’s time to shine, the drum solo, powerful, precise and magnificent with the crowd erupting in applause at its end. The Band rejoin him on stage and pay tribute to The Rolling Stones with a cover of ‘Bitch’, a heavier and slightly faster version, a classic has been well and truly “Daisied”. Doug has a little banter with the crowd via his Talk Box before they play ‘With You and I’.


Nearing the end of their set John wants to introduce his “Old Friends” (the Band) to the crowd, whom he asks if he can call them his “new friends”. The crowd, from their reaction, loves this gesture. ‘Mainline’, ‘Long Way To Go’ and ‘Midnight Moses’ round off the set in explosive style, the band are absolutely on fire, the fuel coming from the ecstatic crowd.


The band take their applause gracefully and head off stage to cries of “More”, then the continued chant of “Dead Daisies” started and continued until Doug Aldrich returned on his own. Sporting his twin neck Gibson guitar, he starts to play the introduction to ‘Judgement Day’ on the 12 string and the venue almost goes silent in awe of the tone and skill of this intro. John’s haunting vocals inspire a ‘goosebump’ moment before the band kick in with the riff driven mid section. This is a beautiful live song that demonstrates perfectly the multiple styles and skill within the band.


Announcing the final song of the show ‘Helter Skelter’ and thanking both The Amorettes and The Treatment for their support during the tour, there was a feeling of disappointment as the night had to end. With the band and crowd singing and bouncing together, their was a feeling that both parties had had a wonderful night.


Each one of the songs is performed with power, passion and skill, when David Lowy started the band did he ever think he would surround himself with such a talented and cohesive group. Now with a four studio album catalogue they have a large amount of songs to pick from, and from the reaction of the crowd we would have allowed them to play them all.


That was one incredible night of live music, The Amorettes and The Treatment need to be checked out if you’ve missed them and The Dead Daisies, in my opinion are one of the best touring bands on the current circuit.


As the venue started to empty the lucky fans that were in early enough to obtain a wristband started to queue again, but this time to meet The Dead Daisies. As we passed the merch stall, people were buying items to get signed and The Amorettes were still there chatting to all that wanted to say hi.  Everyone who was in the queue had time with each member of the Daisies who were willing to sign items, have photo’s taken and generally chat about anything. There is little wonder why The Dead Daisies have built such a solid fan base when they give their time back to the fans who invest time and money in the band.


We managed to grab a few words with the band after the show and they said that they were overwhelmed by the support for the new record and for selling out all the UK dates.


Set List


Rise Up

Make Some Noise

Song and a Prayer

Dead and Gone


What Goes Around

Last Time I Saw The Sun

Can’t Take it With You

All The Same

(Drum Solo)

Bitch (The Rolling Stones Cover)

With You and I


Long Way To Go

Midnight Moses (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Cover)


Encore tracks:

Judgement Day

Helter Skelter (The Beatles Cover)


The Dead Daisies are:

John Corabi - Vocals

David Lowy - Rhythm Guitar

Doug Aldrich - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Marco Mendoza - Bass/Backing Vocals

Deen Castronovo - Drums/Backing Vocals


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