THE DEAD DAISIES with support from     THE TREATMENT / THE AMORETTES - Koko, London 10.04.18



If you go to enough gigs, you’ll know that some tours gain a certain momentum as they move along. Whether it’s press coverage or just good old fashioned word of mouth there are some tours you just can’t miss. The Dead Daisies current sold out tour in support of their new album ‘Burn It Down’ has gotten so much buzz that the only people who haven’t already heard about it are either living on Mars or without electricity.


With three bands on the bill at Koko tonight the music starts early and first up on stage are THE AMORETTES. They kick off the night in front of impressively large crowd for this early on a Tuesday. A lean three piece, The Amorettes play a tight and impressive show. Songs like ‘Stealing Thunder’ or the bigger riffing of ‘Let The Neighbours Call The Cops’ are solid rockers that get the crowd moving. Although they may look like The Runaways, they sound more like Airbourne, with straight up no frills rock and roll.


While their music doesn’t ever stray from the pattern of 3 minute 30 second rockers, they’re clearly a band who are growing in confidence show by show, and the audience here tonight are right behind them. The crash bang drumming of ‘Bull By The Horns’ leads into their current rock radio hit ‘Everything I Learned - I Learned From Rock And Roll’. It’s a fitting end to a tight 30 minute set and the girls leave to well deserved applause.




Born To Break

Stealing Thunder

Let The Neighbors Call The Cops

White Russian Roulette

Bull By The Horns

Everything I Learned (I Learned From Rock And Roll)


The Amorettes are:

Gill - Guitar & lead vocals

Hannah - Drums & backing vocals

Heather - Bass Guitar & backing vocals


Follow the band here:


After a short break the venue has really begun to fill up and the next band on are THE TREATMENT. Opening with ‘Let It Begin’ into the sleaze rock of ‘Lets Get Dirty’, it’s pretty clear that these guys know what they’re trying to do. After a few ups and downs the band have a strong new frontman in the form of Tom Rampton. He does a fine job stepping up tonight, as he takes a firm grip on fan favourites like ‘The Doctor’ which barrels along on a satisfyingly fat and chunky riff and gang vocal chorus.


Songs like ‘I Bleed Rock + Roll’ and ‘Running With The Dogs’ are packed with catchy melodies and dirty riffs and the twin guitars of Tagore and Tao Grey blend smoothly together. They could be slightly too polished for those who prefer their rock without the edges smoothed off, but The Treatment end their set all guns blazing, with ‘Shake The Mountain’ and leave with big applause. With a UK headline tour coming in September it looks like exciting times ahead for The Treatment and their fans.



Let it Begin

Lets Get Dirty

On The Money

The Doctor

I Bleed Rock + Roll

Running With The Dogs

Get The Party On

Shake The Mountain


The Treatment are:

Tagore Grey – Guitar/backing vocals

Dhani Mansworth – Drums

Rick "Swoggle" Newman - Bass guitar

Tao Grey – Guitar

Tom Rampton – Vocals


Follow the band here:

THE DEAD DAISIES have rapidly risen to become one of the best, and certainly hardest working, Rock bands of this generation. They take the stage and immediately blow the doors off of Koko with the scorching guitars of new track ‘Resurrected’. Followed by the anthemic new single ‘Rise Up’ the energy that the band give off is simply astounding. The twin guitars sound huge and when Doug Aldrich breaks out for his solos they are jaw-dropping.


The fact that most of tonight’s setlist (6 songs in total) come from their latest album should give you an idea of just how strong it is. Title track ‘Burn It Down’ is a beast of a hard rock song built around yet another Doug Aldrich riff.


The main difference between The Dead Daisies and other so called “Super-Groups” is that they don’t look or sound like a gang of hired guns taking solo spots. Even with a fairly fluid line-up, the band have a genuine chemistry on stage and they seem to be loving it almost as much as the audience do.


Put simply, they hit the crowd like a wrecking ball, with the difference being a wrecking ball won’t bounce back up to do it again. The Daisies not only bounce, they groove up a storm with one of the strongest rhythm sections I’ve ever seen.


Marco Mendoza plays with a vibe that only comes from decades on the road perfecting your art while newest Daisy Deen Castronovo is a monster on drums. Between them, they take songs like ‘All The Same’ wherever they want to go. Castronovo pummels the kit into submission with brief drum solo before the whole band sweeps into a truly turbocharged cover of The Rolling Stones ‘Bitch’.


Whether it’s roaring his way through fan favourite ‘Midnight Moses’ or simply cracking jokes about a certain actress and the wax works museum, John Corabi is a truly superb frontman. Older songs like ‘Devil Out Of Time’ have lost none of their appeal and the capacity crowd are loving it.


The band return for a truly triumphant encore of new track ‘Judgement Day’ before tearing into a ferociously groovy version of The Beatles ‘Helter Skelter’ which gets the entire front row headbanging. After they take their final bows, around a hundred fans line up to the merch stand, clutching shirts and vinyl. This then is the final difference between The Dead Daisies and other mega bands - they seem to have forged a genuine connection with their fans, taking time to chat, pose and sign for everyone. It’s no wonder that they have risen so far and fast - they have earned it.




Rise Up

Make Some Noise

Song and a Prayer

Dead and Gone


What Goes Around

Last Time I Saw The Sun

Burn It Down

All The Same

Drum solo

Bitch (Rolling Stones cover)

With You and I

Long Way to Go

Devil Out Of Time

Midnight Moses (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band cover)


Judgement Day

Helter Skelter


The Dead Daisies are:

David Lowy - Rhythm guitar

Marco Mendoza - Bass guitar

John Corabi - Lead vocals

Doug Aldrich - Lead Guitar

Deen Castronovo - Drums


Follow the band here:

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