THE FALLEN STATE with support from PSYCHO VILLAGE / LIBERTY LIES / CROSSOVER - Exeter Cavern 25.03.18



The alleyway outside the Exeter Cavern is packed before the doors open, the Sunday night crowd keen to be let in out of the cold and looking forward to seeing the night’s entertainment. Eventually the doors open and we all file in. It’s just such a shame the first band starts as we are halfway down the stairs to the ticket booth. I feel sorry for the people that are behind us in the queue!


When we finally get to the bottom of the stairs and onto the cavern floor area in front of the stage, the female singer from CROSSOVER is a sight to behold - in long boots and just a Slayer t-shirt on top, with long brunette pink dipped hair, her vocals pack a punch too. We get there in time for second song ‘Oxygen’, which goes down well with the crowd. Singer Soheila announces that this is the band’s first ever gig. A baptism of fire maybe, but the band seem to gel well, and clearly have experience between them. The six song set have the audience cheering and clapping, no mean feat for a first gig with original material.


CrossOver are:-

Soheila Clifford - vocals

James Findlay - guitar

Tom Hall - drums

Mitch Witham - bass


CrossOver set list:-

Emerald Heart


Mr Understood

Learn to Cry

Breathe In

Too Late


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Second band of the evening, LIBERTY LIES hail from the West Midlands and have been around for the last decade, undergoing a change of bass player along the way. They’ve released two EPs and an album and have previously played with Shinedown, Halestorm, Heaven’s Basement and SOiL.


The five guys from Liberty Lies don't stand still from the moment they take to the stage with their first song ‘Undivided’. Miles Bagshaw on bass and Adam Stevens on drums keep up the pounding beat throughout and the whole bands energy and enthusiasm is infectious as they really get the crowd going. There is some banter with a young lad in the front who is rather cheeky and keeps grabbing the mic, vocalist Shaun takes it all in his stride though and doesn’t miss a beat. Behind him, the rest of the band keep on playing, they sound fantastic all the way through their seven song set, which closes with latest single, ‘Are You Listening’, and the audience are appreciative. The set goes down well with the packed crowd, and there is plenty of cheering and clapping, with a few whistles thrown in too.


Liberty Lies are:-

Shaun Richards - Lead Vocals

Josh Pritchett - Guitar

Adam Stevens - Drums

Miles Bagshaw - Bass Guitar

Liam Billings - Guitar


Liberty Lies set list:-


The Wire

Russian Dolls


Day in the Sun Reprise into Someone Else

Mouth Breathers

Are You Listening


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PSYCHO VILLAGE from Vienna, Austria, were formed in 2012 and have had three top ten singles in the Austrian rock charts. Coming fresh from a rigorous European tour with Nothing More, the trio have a post-grunge rock groove and are led by founding member Daniel Kremsner.


Psycho Village have two huge screens taking up so much room on the tiny stage that I can’t even see their drummer unless I go right up to the front of the stage. Initially, the screens show protestors, the images changing with each song. It is kind of hard to watch and listen at the same time. I get what the band are trying to do, but I feel the images are a bit distracting. During one of the songs, a pair of hands hold up flash cards telling a girl’s story, it is revealed at the end of the images that the girl had taken her own life. Bassist Raps raises his fist to his heart in the universal support/love salute and I realise it’s the end of the song and I have been so engrossed in how the story ended, I haven’t really been paying attention to the music or musicians onstage at all.


There is some good interaction with the crowd as Kremsner encourages us to sing along to ‘It’s Okay’, the band’s first single. Frontman Kremsner impresses with some neat guitar tricks - playing behind his head, and finishes the set flat on his back on the floor, still playing. Spectacular though this is, Raps is the band member I cannot take my eyes off, he has great stage presence and plays with obvious talent.


Psycho Village set list:-

Chasing the Sun

Without You

What Was That

It’s Okay

Can’t You See

Shine On Us

Half Caste Symphony


Psycho Village are:-

Daniel Kremsner -Lead Vocal and Guitar

Maximillian Raps - Bass and Backing vocals

Marcel Urban - Drums


Find out more from Psycho Village at:


Headliners THE FALLEN STATE have recently played Planet Rock’s Winter’s End, and previously toured with US hard hitters Black Stone Cherry and Halestorm, and fellow UK rockers Heaven’s Basement and The Treatment. Formed in 2013, the release of their first four EPs gaining them critical acclaim, and with the release of their fifth EP, ‘The View From Ruin’ selling well and causing a massive buzz, The Fallen State are five talented young men with the potential to go a long way in the rock world.


By the time The Fallen State explode onto the stage, the crowd are well up for it. Full of enthusiasm and vitality, leaning out over the audience by holding onto the ceiling beam, encouraging the whole audience to move closer to the stage, which of course we do, singer Ben Stenning has us eating out of the palm of his hand from the outset. The charismatic frontman has a question for us, “Are you ready to fucking kick this off, Exeter? Let’s do this!” he asks. The throng react like they’d been waiting to be asked that all night, and the place soon turns into a heaving, sweaty mosh pit. Ben can’t resist joining in, asking “Are you gonna catch me?” before stage diving off into the waiting hands of the crowd. It’s been a lot of years since I’ve seen a singer from a band do something like that and it was something to see!


The solos from Jon Price and Rich Walker are outstanding, and throughout their set, the whole band play like a well-oiled machine, with every member giving their all. Their love for what they do is clear, and even the most reserved (sober!) members of the audience, myself included, soon turned into all-singing, all-dancing participants in no time at all. It’s like an old rock gig, brought right up to date! The Fallen State are going places, catch them at a small venue while you still can!


The Fallen State set list:-

Hope in Revival

Lost Cause


Sons of Avarice

Burn it to the Ground

The Quickening

Great Unknown

Four Letter Word

For My Sorrow

Send Up The World


Can’t Fight

You Want It


The Fallen State are:-

Ben Stenning - Vocal

Jon Price - Guitar

Dan Oke - Guitar

Greg Butler - Bass

Rich Walker - Drums


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