THE RAVEN AGE / IN SEARCH OF SUN - Boston Music Room, London 26.10.17



They have supported Tremonti, Gojira, Ghost, and most recently Iron Maiden on the Book of Souls tour. Their debut full length album, The Age Of The Raven, is in my opinion, one of the best debut albums from a modern metal band. The Raven Age are now out on the road for their first headline tour and I was lucky enough to be at their sold out London show at The Boston Music Room.


Support for the opening leg of this tour came in the form of In Search Of Sun, an alternative rock band from London. Playing their own brand of melodic metal fused with deep, heavy grooves and intricate riffs and hooks, this band take you on a rollercoaster ride of styles during their set. This is then combined with the understated and controlled vocals of Adam Leader, which adds an unexpected dimension. On stage their energy is contagious and doesn’t wane throughout their set. A broad grin never leaves bassist Faz Couri’s face as he, Adam, and guitarists Rory Kay and David Mena Ferrer encourage the crowd to join in with their headbanging. This is a full on metal crowd and they do not disappoint; the crowd and band headbanging in unison was a joy to behold. Their latest album, Virgin Funk Mother is available digitally now, with physical copies out next month.


In Search Of Sun are:


Adam Leader - Vocals

Rory Kay – Guitar/Vocals

David Mena Ferrer - Guitar

Faz Couri - Bass

Sean Gorman - Drums





The Raven Age have garnered a dedicated fan base since they burst onto the scene in 2013 and you sense the anticipation in the packed room as The Progidy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ blared out of the sound system.


A roar went up as the band appeared on stage and burst straight into Darkness Will Rise followed by Promised Land. With most tracks on the setlist taken from The Age Of The Raven, this was a masterclass in melodic metal. New recruit Tony Maue (guitar) fits in perfectly; he and George Harris combine beautifully to give the melody richness, while bassist Matt Cox and drummer Jai Patel provide the lows that give the tracks their dark undertone. Vocalist Michael Borrough added raw emotion to a set that could quite easily have been on the Wembley stage. There were spine tingling three-part harmonies during Eye Of The Blind and Trapped Within The Shadows, and Dying Embers Of Life was performed with such passion that I was transported into the lyrics, living the song line by line. Crowd participation was encouraged at every turn, although not much encouragement was needed. Despite the room being hotter than a sauna in the Sahara, hands did not stop clapping and heads did not stop banging.


Despite the dark edge to the setlist, there was also a real sense of fun from the band. Michael used a fans phone to film from the stage a couple of times, much to the delight of the phone owners, one of whom had flown in from Italy for the show. The whole band were animated and engaging throughout, joking with each other and audience members. There were little nods, winks, smiles, and waves scattered throughout the set as the band members spotted someone they recognised in the crowd; they were truly enjoying their first sold out show. It also gave the evening a feeling of real intimacy, that those present were part of something special. And I think these guys are going to be something special.


When music commentators declare that there aren’t any bands to replace the current crop of arena and festival headliners, they obviously haven’t been paying attention to these guys. Their music grabs hold of your emotions and the lyrics take you on a journey that you never want to end. Despite being a young band, they have the huge stage presence and natural showmanship that’s needed to own a large stage and command a large crowd. But the nicest thing for me was the fact that despite the huge success of the album and a tour with Maiden, they were still the same down to earth lads I met two years ago.


I managed to catch up with them after the show and am reliably informed that after taking some well deserved time off, they will be back in the studio. I for one cannot wait.


The Raven Age are:


Michael Borrough - Vocals

Tony Maue - Guitar

George Harris - Guitar

Matt Cox - Bass

Jai Patel - Drums








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