Naomi Jeremiah


There was such a mix of age groups in attendance at this gig, which is something I just love to see. Music can cross generations, but it's one of the few things that unites them.


I didn't have to wait long before The Temperance Movement burst onto the stage, with no introductions. Straight into their set, and opening with 'Modern Massacre', the crowd exploded into life. Suddenly I felt as though I was at a party, everyone with big smiles upon their faces, and all moving and dancing. This was my first time seeing The Temperance Movement live, and although I am familiar with their songs, I did not expect the manner, in which they were performed.


The Temperance Movement, are a hard rock and blues band that formed in 2011, consisting of Phil Campbell (Vocals), Matt White (Guitar), Paul Sayer (Guitar), Nick Fyffe (Bass) and Damon Wilson (Drums). They have supported the likes of The Rolling Stones, and have released their second album 'White Bear' this year.


I thought I had witnessed energetic performances at gigs before, but Phil Campbell is like a small child, on a perpetual sugar high, as he runs, jumps, skips and spins with arms stretched wide. He is an exciting spectacle which must be seen! He comes at every song with all he has! His energy never waning, his voice retaining the power that he first arrived onto the stage with! He amuses, not just the crowd but his fellow band mates, and you just can't help but be enthralled by him. Taking a look around me, I start to see where he gets his enthusiasm from. Do you remember in school, when a dog would happen to get into school grounds, and all the kids would run to a window full of over excitement, and cheering the dog on to escape its capture? That was the crowd last night! Forever encouraging the behaviour of this charismatic front man!


The Temperance Movement took us on a journey through 16 of their incredible songs, including 'Sludge', 'Magnify' and my favourite 'White Bear'. They finished with 'Battle Lines' and returned for an encore, of 'Lovers & Fighters' a song from their self titled first album.


The Temperance Movement are skilled musicians, and produce a 'tight' set. Phil's vocals are powerful, but with an elegant versatility and beautiful tone that seems to channel Blues legends of yesteryear. He has the ability to make you feel like partying with one track, or contemplative with another.  Matt and Paul, are phenomenal blues guitarists, and Nick and Damon know how to keep that party rhythm going. I have often said how much I love to see musicians lose themselves  in their music, but last night was my first experience of a band being able to project that feeling out and into the hearts and souls of everyone in the room.


I urge you to check out The Temperance Movement, and to go and see them live as soon as you can. I cannot wait to see them again!





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