THEIA / ANONYMOUS / AT THE SUN - The Black Heart, Camden 03.09.17

Michelle Flynn (Photo Credits: Linda Flynn)


I had been looking forward to this gig since it was first announced; not only are Theia one of the best up and coming rock bands out there at the moment, but the venue is also one of my favourite in London. Added to this Theia were bringing along two support acts that I was yet to see live, so this promised to be a good night. I was heartened to see so many people there for the beginning of the show, Sunday nights are always tricky in terms of attendance.


The first band of the night were AT THE SUN. I'm not going to lie, I was slightly nervous of reviewing these guys as one of my Down The Front colleagues is a band member. But I needn't have worried, they went hell to leather from the start and had me hooked by the time they reached the end of their opening track, Breathe. This five-piece play good, honest rock, and they play it well. They also pared things back for an absolutely brilliant cover of Human (Rag n Bone Man) showing that there is more to them than just hard rock n roll. They play with passion and an energy that deserves to be on a larger stage and I don't think it will be long before they'll be there. Stand out track of the set for me was Indestructible; this song has everything and shows each band member off to their best. If you've not yet checked these guys out, you should. I guarantee they'll have you rocking in no time! I certainly can't wait to see them again.


Next up were Anonymous, a band who were not on my radar at all. They were heavier than the previous band, but still keeping in the classic rock vein. The title track from their latest EP, What You Deserve was a perfect example of these heavier riffs. Again, this band performed with ferocious energy and worked the crowd well. The little pocket rocket on guitar reminded me of a younger Angus Young in his style of playing. Things were slowed slightly for Will You Ever Learn, one of those songs that manages to hit your emotions with the vocals telling a story and a blazing guitar solo. To my mind, if a band can evoke an emotional response during a live performance, they're doing something right. Highlight of the set for me was Doubts, not only did it have the heavy riffs and great vocal, but the band looked like they were having a ball. This is another band you should add to your collection if they're not already there.


Finally on to tonight's headliner. Bounding onto the stage during the intro for Just Go there was no escaping that Theia were here to put on a show. This band really does give everything and are so engaging that it's almost as if they're giving you a personal performance. I couldn't see anyone in the room who wasn't doing their own version of dancing. I have never known the floor in The Black Heart vibrate as much when the bass in Signed Sealed Cemented kicked in. One of my favourite tracks on the new album, Afterglow draws you in slowly before slapping your ears, and works perfectly in a live setting. They played the beautiful track Home. This song totally exposes Kyle's vocals, leaving him no place to hide but he is faultless. This band have so many great catchy tunes, but the one that never fails to get the crowd joining in is

Ride On and tonight was no different. Finishing with one of the best titled songs ever, Whoop Dee Fucking Doo, I was left whooping for more and I don't think I was alone in this.


Tickets for this show were £6, I paid more in the pub for a G&T and half a beer. Next time you're sat at home bored, check out what bands are playing local to you and give them a shot. You might just find a cracking line up for the price of a salted caramel macchiato.






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