THEORY OF A DEADMAN with support from TOSELAND - The Garage, Glasgow 25.04.18



Wandering down Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow to the Garage for a gig is somewhat of an obstacle course these days what with the major roadworks, pavements ripped up, the usual drunks, the current eyesore of derelict and burnt out buildings after a recent major fire. In all honesty Sauchiehall Street has been going downhill for many years and the welcome sight of the venues which host gigs in this area is always a welcome relief even if some of those are more akin to crumbling wrecks as opposed to concert venues. Thankfully tonights venue is not one of those and never fails to impress.


The somewhat depressive sight of the foregoing is immediately lifted as I pass under the very large yellow truck suspended above the doorway of the venue, The Garage, to see Theory of a Deadman and support act Toseland. The truck is a bit of a legend in the Glasgow scene these days and the garage never seems to close, hosting live music and student nights 7 days a week.


The crowd are already high with anticipation of a great nights music as I take my place at the front of the venue, camera in hand. As support band TOSELAND, fronted by double world superbike champion James Toseland, enter the stage and begin to play their all too short set, I can see that the crowd are clearly already on the side of this band. Opening with the song 'Puppet on a Chain' from the album Cradle The Rage, the crowd go wild as the band immediately move into 'Life is Beautiful’, the opening track of the Renegade album.


The set, infused with classic rock and power ballads, continues as James Toseland interacts well with the crowd between songs, engaging them and spurring on their enthusiasm for the music as the band roar into the middle section of their set with the trio of 'Fingers Burned', 'Renegade' and 'Too Close to Call'.


The usual band name checks follow and the introduction to the track 'Crash Landing' begins with the announcement, much to the clear sadness of the watching crowd, that this will be the last track for the evening from Toseland. The energy levels of both the band and the crowd remain intense throughout this song and, just as we think it is all over, James Toseland screams out asking if they have time for one more song. Rarely in Scotland will you hear an assembled crowd all shouting yes at the same time but, subtle nods to recent political events aside, this is exactly what we in the crowd all yell back as Toseland finish their set with the rousing ‘Hearts and Bones’.


Leaving the stage it is clear that Toseland is more than just the man who lends his name to the band. A finer group of musicians who play with tight rhythms and a solid rock background would be hard to find. This is a band who have a great stage presence, enthuse their audience and can really play.



James Toseland - Vocals, Keyboards

Zurab Melua - Guitars

Ed Bramford - Guitars

Roger Davis - Bass

Joe Yoshida - Drums



Puppet On a Chain

Living in a Moment

Life is Beautiful

Fingers Burned


Too Close to Call

Crash Landing

Hearts & Bones


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THEORY OF A DEADMAN, often shortened to the single word Theory, hail from British Columbia, Canada and describe their music as post-grunge hard rock and alternative rock. Formed in 2001 they could be described as a real crossover with many bands and style including country and acoustic though perhaps Shinedown and Nickelback would be the closest in terms of other band influences. Lyrically not always the cheeriest of bands, this is more than made up by the music which has as real intensity about it.


At present they have had eight top 10 hits on the US Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and this impressive total includes three No. 1 hits, ‘Bad Girlfriend’, ‘Lowlife’ and ‘Rx (Medicate)’. They certainly have a large enough back catalogue to satisfy all their fans, and there are a large number of them, who have turned out to see them this evening at the Garage in Glasgow.


Just prior to the band taking the stage a small incident occurred when 2 crowd members, clearly having consumed too much alcohol, decided it was a good idea to throw some of their alcohol towards the front of the crowd. Security were excellent in dealing with the matter and the offenders, whom I had noted outside earlier as being past the point of sobriety, were quickly escorted out of the premises. Thankfully it was alcohol they were throwing and not the strangely warm yellow liquid, usually in clear plastic bottles, that was often thrown about at gigs many years ago.


As the houselights dim, and the band make their way onto what soon becomes a very well lit stage, the anticipation of the crowd intensifies and then reaches a crescendo when drummer Joey Dandeneau, begins the opening of 'Lowlife' from the album The Truth Is. The rest of the band join in and, when vocalist Tyler Connolly, dressed simply in white t-shirt and jeans, finally steps up to sing the opening lyrics of the song, the crowd are already way ahead of him and are happily singing along very loudly to the point of almost drowning him out.


Clearly loving the reaction of the crowd the band launch into 'Blow', which is another of their “not safe for work” songs and an obvious crowd favourite evidenced by the reactions which ripple through from front to back.


Maintaining the intensity of the music, which remains amply matched by the crowd, 'Bitch Came Back' establishes the musical credentials of this band and dispels any last minute doubters as to how well this band can play live.


By this point I feel there is an issue and the band do not sound as good as they could have done, maybe this was due to me still having my earplugs in that I wear when taking photos in the pit but, even when I took them out, the sound still did not sound perfect. However, this did not deter the crowd who were in a very forgiving mood. Preceded by a monologue to the fans which sets the scene perfectly for the next track, the inevitable slow ballad 'Santa Monica', written from the point of view of a man who gets home from work to find that his girlfriend has left him, the crowd are loving every moment and it is undoubtedly the standout track of the bands catalogue to date.


Following on with the sublime 'Wicked Game' and at the halfway point of the set, the band choose this point to have a drum solo which, though competent, is perhaps unnecessary in the set. However, it is thankfully short and the band are quick to re-ignite the atmosphere with the trio of songs 'Drown', 'Straight Jacket' and 'Not Meant To Be' before shifting it up further to the end of the set proper with 'Angel' and the rousing, but definitely not cheery track, 'Hate My Life' before leaving the stage.


Demanding an encore, we are well treated when the band return with the biggest single, 'Rx (Medicate)', from the 2017 album Wake Up Call. This is a song which addresses the issue of the prescription drug abuse epidemic and is especially relevant in the current climate. The final song of the evening follows with the more upbeat 'Bad Girlfriend' before the band thank the fans and leave the stage for the final time.


The crowd are clearly wishing for more but, as the house lights come up and we move off to the cold night air outside, people are reflecting in what was a good nights entertainment from an accomplished band who will no doubt be happy with their performance in Glasgow.



Tyler Connolly - Lead Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Dave Brenner - Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Dean Back - Bass, Backing Vocals

Joey Dandeneau - Drums, Backing Vocals





Bitch Came Back


All or Nothing

Santa Monica

Wicked Game

Drum Solo


Straight Jacket

Not Meant to Be


Hate My Life

Rx (Medicate)

Bad Girlfriend


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