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Tremonti’s appearance at the O2 Academy tonight is tinged with sadness as the location for the show had originally been the nearby O2 ABC, which was sadly razed to the ground in a significant fire affecting both the venue and the iconic Glasgow School Of Art. That sadness is dulled to a degree by the quick decision to move to the bigger hall rather than cancelling the gig.


The added bonus of Glasgow experiencing near tropical temperatures on the day of the event means a different heat is fuelling the punters queueing in the sun. The sight of shorts, shades and bare skin doesn’t quite capture the feel of the Cote D’Azur but the numerous band shirts dissolve any doubt that we are here to see the legendary Tremonti at the height of his powers.


The venue is bigger than its fallen sister-site so the ample balcony level is closed and a significant cloth drape has been suspended from the ceiling to remove the awkward feel of an empty area above the main crowd. The larger venue also allowed DF Concerts the capacity to add the local wonder kids Anchor Lane who will kick the night off before main support The Fallen State add their spark to the main event.


Anchor Lane’s Conor Gaffney (vocals/guitar), Jack Nicol (guitar), Matthew Quigley (bass) and Scott Hanlon (drums) have already had a busy year with their recent appearance at Download attracting glowing comments across the UK live circuit. The band’s infectious enthusiasm and sincerity have built a loyal fan base and none more so than in Glasgow.


Taking to the stage only a few minutes after doors I managed to corner bassist Quigley to ask when they were on to receive the almost frantic reply “Now!”. Stepping aside to allow the show to go ahead uninterrupted by eager DTFM reviewers, the band were on stage as punters were still arriving through the door.


Opening with ‘Runaway’, the crowd quickly swells and the sight of the band’s logo on t-shirts is a nice touch suggesting their addition to the bill may have drawn more fans to the gig. Frontman Gaffney’s smile is as broad as the stage he commands and the band show no nerves, obviously having grown in confidence in recent times to a point where they are un-phased by the audience or venue they are entertaining.


This confidence shines through with the delivery of ‘Flat Line’ where the crowd are coaxed into singing along with the “Nah-Nah’s”. The band have a tight output but importantly they have feel rather than clinical precision - something that gives their songs a groove that has people moving across the floor.


The band’s new EP ‘New Beginning’ features four strong tracks and the show’s closing number ‘Finished for Twelve’ is conversely the opening track on the record. It isn’t a high energy song - instead carrying a profound feel around the band’s life playing together and will surely be their anthem for years to come. With thanks afforded to the main man Tremonti - I managed another quick word with Gaffney whose comment on the experience was simply put “Fuckin’ brilliant man!”. One of this interviewer’s most concise discussions but it said it all really.


Anchor Lane’s adventures are there for all the world to see at -


Their setlist was -



Found Out

Flat Line

Rising Up

Finished for Twelve



The Fallen State have attracted the curiosity of the music industry and the love of music fans with their infectious groove rock that draws from influences such as Alter Bridge. The band’s draw has earned them prestigious support slots with such greats as Black Stone Cherry and Halestorm. This UK support slot with their self-confessed hero Mark Tremonti must be the stuff of dreams, but one thing is certain - they are up to the task at hand.


The especially tight outfit of Ben Stenning (vocals), Jon Price (guitar), Dan Oke (guitar), Greg Butler (bass) and Rich Walker (drums) step on stage and pull the trigger with ‘Hope In Revival’ their 2014 single. This huge track crashes from stabbed parts to the melodic chorus that exclaims “There is no revolution”. A better start to a show, you will struggle to find.


The band are particularly solid in their delivery and the live delivery seems more powerful than their recorded works. The double kick drumming of Walker is crisp and draws each track together with a percussive attack that drives the rest of the band. That talent isn’t confined to the back of the stage though as Price displays with shimmering solo work in ‘Sinner’ where his vocals, intertwined with Stenning’s hit great range and carry real power.


Stenning talks respectfully about the opportunity to play on the same stage as Tremonti and appreciating the need to keep the room alive as all good support acts should - he asks “You Want Something Heavy?”. He needn’t have asked as this crowd is ready for anything and the delivery of ‘Send Up The World’ is a well crafted blunt instrument to the temple.


‘Nova’ is a different prospect and has a more commercial feel and it is obvious why it has been so popular across numerous platforms. The backbone of Oke and Butler is particularly strong in this emotional performance and again Price plays a sublime part with a tasteful soaring guitar solo.


Drawing the neatly performed set to an end always needed a power play and ‘You Want It’ achieved this with aplomb. Every player on stage provides a balls-out performance with fizzing energy as the song scuds into the final few bars. Tremonti must surely have been listening backstage thinking best not wait too long as that is one warmed up crowd!


Check these talented chaps out at -


Their setlist was -

Hope In Revival

Lost Cause


Sons Of Avarice

Send Up The World


Burn It To The Ground

You Want It




It has been a mere six years since Mark Tremonti (Vocals/Guitar), Eric Friedman (Backing Vocals/Guitar) and Garrett Whitlock (Drums) joined forces under the moniker of the main man. In that time, Tremonti has continued working with Alter Bridge as well as other projects since his departure from the ill-fated Creed back in the 2000s.


The Tremonti line-up has never enjoyed the services of a full-time bassist but this tour sees the addition of touring bassist Tanner Keegan. Keegan has been providing four string thunder for Tremonti for a few years now after Wolfgang Van Halen stepped off the Tremonti train and to all intents and purposes is a part of the band whilst on the road.


Tremonti has an admirable arsenal of recorded material and the prospect of hearing tracks from across his CV is felt across the eager audience. The show starts with little subtlety as 2015’s ‘Cauterize’ gives little time for the band to warm up. The first three tracks run together with no time wasted on pleasantries with the audience until Tremonti says “hello” and eventually wishes his left-hand man Friedman a happy birthday. This was a nice gesture but was trumped later in the night by the appearance of a birthday cake complete with candles and a thousand strong rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’.


Friedman has an interesting role in the band. You could be excused for expecting he would be a rhythm player, standing in the shadows of the frontman but this isn’t the case. His musical prowess is arguably as strong as Tremonti’s and the numerous solos he tackles are both technical and full of feel. In ‘Things I’ve Seen’, he displays that talent and Tremonti steps back to ensure Friedman is given the space he deserves.


The new album ‘A Dying Machine’ is only a matter of weeks old and it’s good to hear a number of the new tracks forming nearly a quarter of the show’s material. ‘Take You With Me’ marks a turning point in the night as the first crowd surfer emerges majestically from the heaving front few rows, before crashing over the barrier into the arms of the pit crew who must have thought they were going to have a quiet night.


As the crowd find their voices again, a brave few souls hoist their friends onto their shoulders and the constant stream of surfers now flows like a tap. The band are relentless and spew track after track with consistent quality. The band aren’t the most mobile but that’s largely because Keegan needs a decent space to jump, run and turn as he plays.


New tracks ‘Bringer Of War’, ‘A Dying Machine’ and ‘Throw Them To The Lions’ are particularly strong and stand in equal stead with the better known tracks such as ‘Dust’, which of course receives a strong response from this knowledgeable crowd. The fact that new and old material is consistently well written and delivered is testament to Tremonti’s continued freshness and commitment to quality.


Tremonti reminds the crowd that he doesn’t play encores and having the setlist in hand, I was aware the last song was to be ‘Wish You Well’. Like Anchor Lane and The Fallen State before them, the final song of the show is a monster. The delivery is as strong as the opening tracks and Tremonti’s broad smile is a fair indication he has enjoyed playing Glasgow. His earlier comments about wanting to come back and film a show in the city may well be well rehearsed but one thing is certain - the crowd, venue and above all the music - have been outstanding and worthy of any DVD for distribution.


As the crowd’s appreciative applause dies off, there are funny glances back and forth at the dress code in the venue. After hours in a dark gig, many had forgotten the heat of the day that they had left. Now faced with the walk to their transport dressed like a Magaluf holidaymaker, the issue is quickly forgotten as the punters mingle with the city’s inhabitants gingerly walking past the venue with that gait reserved for only the best sunburn.


All things Tremonti can be accessed here (check out his merch - only a few thousand dollars for a guitar!) -


The setlist for the show was -


Another Heart

You Waste Your Time

All I Was

As The Silence

My Last Mistake

Take You With Me

Betray Me

Things I’ve Seen

Bringer Of War

So You’re Afraid

Flying Monkeys


Dying Machine


Radical Change

Wish You Well



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