TRUCKER DIABLO / GASOLINE OUTLAWS / SHE BURNS RED - Bannermans, Edinburgh - 21.06.18




It seems that Bannermans is becoming the go-to venue in the East of Scotland these days such is the full gig diary for established and upcoming rock acts. The venue has recently been refurbished and gone are the records glued to the ceiling that have dripped sweat on unsuspecting punters for what seems an age. The stone walls and arched ceiling of this small venue remind me of an old Edinburgh cellar and guess what - that’s really what it is. With acoustics that shouldn’t work and the chance of an intimate experience with the bands, punters were in for a treat on a warm Thursday night with a three band billing of Northern Irish stalwarts Gasoline Outlaws and Trucker Diablo, ably supported by locals She Burns Red.


SHE BURNS RED are relatively new to the scene and the line-up of Andy Moore (Guitar/vocals),

James McCulloch (Bass/vocals), Craig Hughes (Guitar) and new addition Adam 'Bam Bam' McNaughton play a loose, energetic style of rock that has an essence of Foo Fighters. They

have an advantage from the outset with their head-turning rock n roll look that employs a mish-mash of trucker hats, kilts and a smattering of make up. Oh - and tattoos. Lots of tattoos.


As the first of three bands taking to the stage, the band are greeted warmly by a healthy crowd and tackle a short set of tracks which are guitar driven with vocals being swapped between Moore and McCulloch. The stand out track is recently released single ‘My Curse’ - a catchy riff laden song that has a clear effect on the eager crowd.


‘Tell Me’ has a different feel and the REM-like intro displays a talent for writing a hook - the secret to any successful songwriting. Moore and McCulloch enjoy an onstage bond that is engaging and at times funny. The banter between the pair raises smiles but not at the expense of the tight time window to get the set delivered. Closing track ‘Interstellar’ is raucous and frantic in equal measure and is a fitting end to a competent set that achieves the objective of capturing new listeners and building for a future that I would hope will see them headlining.


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Their setlist was -

Copernicus Falls


My Curse

Killing Time

Tell Me




GASOLINE OUTLAWS have a strong following on this side of the Irish Sea particularly after their past appearances at the Wildfire Festival, where many of the regulars tonight have seen them live before. Their live schedule has been relatively light this year as they aim to release their next album - something that has been raising attention recently amongst their fans via a well supported pledge campaign.


The line up of Matt Fitzsimons (vocals), (Handsome) Adam Parkin (guitar), Chris Fitzsimons (bass) and Ryan Hood (drums) makes for a tight, well rehearsed group of musicians who focus on the audience experience. Their accessibility has earned them a loyal fan base and the crowd is at its busiest for the band with second billing.


Opening track ‘Rising Up’ from the bands 2015 album ‘No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets’ is polished and hits the spot perfectly with smiles and sing along interaction across the room. The chat with those in the front row is a nice touch as Parkin nods and acknowledges those who the band have encountered on their journey so far.


The slower paced single ‘Breathe Again’ is a boozy sombre affair that opens up into an enormous riff driven kick in the ass where Fitzsimmons’ vocals are allowed to fly. The backbone of Hood and Chris Fitzsimmons on rhythm duties is at its strongest with this track where little is held back in terms of passion and power.


As support acts go, it is clear that the Outlaws are premier league and deserving of a headline slot but their shout out to Trucker Diablo is nicely framed and highlights the respect they have from their fellow countrymen.


The anthemic ‘Nothing On Me’ is delivered with commendable singing accompaniment from the adoring punters down the front. This energy is clearly enjoyed by the band who continue to engage the gathered throng. The closing track ‘Outlaws’ is received with even more praise if that’s possible. The pace and power of the track is verging on metal and loosens necks of some who had been holding back thus far. As the song ends, the applause for the band is significant and the opportunity to speak to the band members is afforded as they hang back to watch their buddies from across the water.


With the band’s focus being on the pledge campaign, we can only hope that Frankie McClay at Einstein Studios gets the new album out sharpish. It will undoubtedly be a thunderous production.


You can check up on the campaign and other adventures at -


The setlist was -

Rising Up

Livin’ This Way

Breathe Again

Shrouded Wolves


Let Me Out

The System Is A Lie

Nothing On Me




Tom Harte (Vocals/Guitar), Simon Haddock  (Guitar), Jim McGurk (Bass) and Terry Crawford (Drums) must surely be one of Northern Ireland’s most endearing products with the mighty TRUCKER DIABLO. The truck has been rollin’ for ten years now and with a CV that includes four albums and a host of high end gigs, their profile is strong and their live shows are always a great night.


The band arrive on stage following an epic performance by their friends and tour-mates Gasoline Outlaws. Trucker Diablo don’t do things by half and go on to deliver a strong set of eighteen songs - every track being performed with the sole objective of making sure all present have a good time.


Opening track ‘Red Light On’ is a well known track and is played with smiles and beers n equal measure (excuse the pun). The twin guitars make for a signature thick sound that works so well with a beer fuelled crowd. Moving quickly from track to track, there are moments where Harte chats with the punters. Referencing a girlfriend he once had from the posh Morningside area of Edinburgh, Harte receives a hilarious comedy ‘oooh’ from the crowd that has the band laughing too. Realising the humour in what he had said, Harte wasted no time in getting back to the job at hand.


‘Not so Superstar’ from 2013s ‘Songs Of Iron’ album is a signature full throttle track that is introduced citing Axel Rose “when he was still a prick”. Harsh words but all heads nod at the character reference. The breakdown allows a brief opportunity to witness one of the hardest drummers in the industry - Terry Crawford. Small in stature, the man behind the kit literally tries to knock the drums into the next millennium.


Those who have seen the band live will have experienced the spectacle that is a well played cover. Whether it’s a Metallica cover or a rarer cut by Triggerman, the band nail them so what would tonight bring? ‘Proud Mary’ - that’s what. On scanning the crowd to see the reaction, it wasn’t a surprise that they loved the rendition and sang along with every word. Nice.


The unusual interlude during this track could only be followed by the band’s anthem ‘Drink, Beer, Destroy’ - a song who’s title says it all really. It was at this point that you could tell you were in Edinburgh as nobody dares throw their beer around. Had we have been in Glasgow - there would have been soggy denim and leather from wall to dripping wall.


The song ‘Where Angels Fly’ is a beautiful ballad that Harte performed solo. The band left the stage and joined the crowd to watch the rendition of this love song that had not been played on the mainland before. Harte may revel in the diesel soaked tunes the band produce so well but this a strong indication that the band have more heart than they let on.


Guitar wielding tough guy Haddock strikes a mean pose on stage but he has a wicked sense of humour that has the crowd belly laughing. His reference to his age and dodgy hip strikes a chord with the audience demographic but you wouldn’t know as he spits out riff after riff. The sneaked sips from a can of Sprite are at odds with he band’s image but this is the first of three shows and somebody has to drive the bus!


Closing track ‘The Rebel’, again from the band’s debut album, is a massive track that is as much a statement marking the end of the night as it is a great tune. The show has been a rollercoaster of fun, rock and beer and there is a strong bond in the room with all the bands who have played. Trucker have a warmth that is similar to their support tonight and this adds so much to the experience. This has been a great night in the nation’s capital and the invaders from NI have delivered just what they intended. They partied like they started the end of the world!


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The setlist was -

Red Light On


Drown in the Fire

Girl in a Photograph

Not So Superstar


Maybe You’re The One

Proud Mary (cover)

Drink, Beer, Destroy

When’s It Gonna Rain

Black and Blue

Party Like They Started The End of the World

Born Trucker



Let’s Just Ride

Over the Wall

The Rebel



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