Twisted Illusion / Voodoo Blood / Sertraline Sound Control, Manchester 01.04.17

David Lydiard / Naomi Jeremiah


Having never been to Sound Control before, we were impressed. It's a decent sized venue and the staff there are all very friendly and welcoming. Although the gig wasn't sold out, there was still a great atmosphere and the night was certainly enjoyable. On with the show...


Up first were Sertraline, a five piece melodic metal band comprising of Lizzie (vocals), Mike (guitar), Wilson (guitar), Hendo (bass) & Si (drums). With a freshly released new EP "Guilty" the band ripped into their set with high energy and vigour, opening up with the title track. Throughout their seven song set, Sertraline treated the crowd to live renditions of their entire new record as well as two from previous effort, "Bury The Ghosts" (Mean to Me, Dead Set). The guitars were tight, the bass rumbled and the drums hit hard. All laying a platform down for Lizzie's awesome vocals. This Leeds lass comes across so sweet on stage with her beautiful, melodic tones and then beats you across the head, when she hits you with her guttural roars. For someone who was experiencing Sertraline for the first time this was unexpected but, oh my, was it enjoyable! Sertraline are definitely a band to watch and we will be adding them to our playlist HERE  We can't wait to get them on the Down The Front podcast very soon.


For more information on Sertraline CLICK HERE


Next to hit the stage were the co-headliners, Voodoo Blood. We were witnessing something very special here. This is a band going places. From the moment that Kim Jennett comes onto the stage, you are immediately captivated. Clad in black leather bodysuit, fishnets and heels, her face painted black and white, she truly is the Voodoo Woman. Never stopping for breath, Jennett utilises every inch of the stage, running and jumping and whipping the crowd into a frenzy.


Soulful, fuzzy guitars, deep bass and groove-induced drums behind a vocal performance that was other worldly. The pipes that Miss Jennett possesses are truly, truly incredible. Throwing in the odd growl here and there and hitting some really high notes, she is effortless. Her tone is fantastic and her provocative performance is all encompassing as the Voodoo Woman character she portrays on stage. Equal parts ferocious, enchanting, demonic and sexy. The set was peppered with fantastic songs and it's hard to pick a standout as they were all awesome from "Taste Your Love" right through to the closing "Make Love"


They also got across their love of Led Zep with a jam of "Moby Dick" and a phenomenal performance of "Immigrant Song". Voodoo Bloods use of dynamics are a joy to behold. Whereas some bands tend to find a tempo and run with it, Voodoo Blood will slow things to a crawl mid song. The attack from the instruments are varied so it's not a continuous, relentless assault to your senses. There is room to breathe and the set pulsed and grooved when it had to to, and rocked throughout. If you've never caught a Voodoo Blood show before then we cannot recommend them highly enough. They are a slick band with a deliberate intent in all that they do and confidence in abundance. The entire performance was alluring and we were captivated from the very start. Easily one of the best bands we've EVER seen live.


They've just released a music video for Bleed CLICK HERE and keep your ears open for a new single in June!


For more information on Voodoo Blood CLICK HERE


The time had come. After interviewing Matt Jones (vocals/guitar) for Episode #12 of Down The Front HERE, we were finally going to get to see Twisted Illusion live for the first time. We were not disappointed. Accompanied by returning members Matt McDade (drums) & Mark Wagstaff (bass) and occasional member Jess Lawton (keyboards), Twisted Illusion put on a prog masterclass. Tearing through songs such as "Online and In Line", "Imitate Me: Part 1" and personal favourite "Hatred Is A Virtue" the band were a tight unit. At times it was a struggle to hear Matts vocals and he had a couple of issues with his strap lock but that didn't deter from what was a thoroughly cracking gig.


Midway through we were treated to a cover of the classic "Heaven and Hell" with Matt in true Dio form and later, a mashup of "Stairway to Heaven" and the Tenacious D hit "Tribute" which saw Voodoo Bloods Kim share vocal duty with Matt at the end. CLICK HERE TO WATCH


When Matt and Marks vocals came together, at times, it was incredible. The way their tones blend is truly something to behold. There is power without sacrificing melody. The night finished off with "Nobody's Child" from their debut "Calm The Dark" - it is a stunning track. Starting with a chilling guitar and building throughout to incorporate heavy, dramatic riffs and including a gorgeous blues solo.


For more information on Twisted Illusion CLICK HERE


Overall it was an amazing night out. Showcasing three incredibly talented bands, the music on display was exceptional. Considering we saw Gojira recently, who are a live powerhouse, Sertraline, Voodoo Blood and Twisted Illusion at Soundcontrol are now sitting comfortably as Gig of the Year so far and it'll take something really special to top this gig.


Naturally we couldn't go to a gig without coming back with goodies, so we did indeed #buythemerch as always and by getting there early we were able to #supportthesupport and get #downthefront - if you have the chance to see any of these bands then do it. You won't be disappointed at all.


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