By Lindsay Smith-Boam


Well where do I start?


VEGA slayed Arena 1 with a Saturday mid-afternoon slot to an anticipative crowd with an all-out sing along set. 


If some of the crowd weren’t fans before AOR – I bet they are now! 


Formed in 2009 with 4 album releases under their belt, the band consisting of Nick Workman on vocals, Tom Martin and Marcus Thurston on guitars, James Martin on keys and Dan Chantrey on drums, have a good following in the UK and deservedly so.


Whether it’s the fact that the guys are currently supporting Dan Reed Network on tour or they have simply honed their art to the highest degree, this gig is the tightest musically I have ever heard them live.   They seemed pumped and launched into their set with all the force of a tornado, never letting the energy level drop for their entire set. ‘ White Flag’, ‘Every Little Monster’, ‘Savin’ Grace’ to name but a few of an awesome crowd pleasing set list.


Nick Workman is the ultimate showman – delivering a strong vocal whilst jumping and swirling around the stage with not a bum note to be heard.  Entertaining is not the word – Nick has so much personality on stage which extrudes during the set, especially when he steels a fans phone to film himself and the guys on stage -a genius personal touch which he does regularly during live performances adding to the whole VEGA experience and keeping the crowd at fever pitch. 


Enjoyment from both the fans and the band was clear to be seen.  If I was throwing a party and wanted a good band – it would be these boys! Put your ‘Hands in the Air’ and boy did we!!!


Photo Credit: Lindzrs Media Photography - Shot From The Crowd

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