VEGA - 'This Is Who We Are' Tour 2017

Samantha Lloyd (Photo Credits: From The Crowd Photography Den Hughes)


After seeing Vega at Planet Rock’s Winters End in February 2017, I was quite eager to see them again, so when they announced their ‘This is Who We Are’ Tour with a local performance at the Robin 2 in Bilston, I was one happy little bunny! After watching them tonight I don’t fully understand why these guys aren’t playing arenas already? Their stage presence, performance, charisma, and the music that they produce is surely meant for bigger audiences? Surely? Maybe it’s the lack of promotion but I was bitterly disappointed to learn that this show was not a sell out. Yet despite the room only being a third full the atmosphere was electric! Everyone seemed to be buzzing when Vega took to the stage and a rapturous applause and cheer rang out throughout the venue.


 Vega certainly has the material to reach higher than the level they are at right now. Front man Nick Workman really knows how to pull the crowd into the music and it was great to see that they kicked off their set with ‘Hand in the Air’, a high energy, intensely catchy song with anthem style choruses and clear, strong vocals. Their set consists of tracks spanning from their first album ‘Kiss of Life’ to their latest 10 track demo album ‘Now That’s What I Call Vega’. To arouse interest in the demo album they incorporate the track ‘Coz it’s you’ into their set, another great track meant for stadium sized audiences.


Fan favourites ‘White Flag’, ‘Stereo Messiah’ and ‘Every Little Monster’ rocked the night while the less well known but still amazing tracks ‘Ballad of the Broken Hearted’ and ‘One of a Kind’ received much deserved stage time. This tour has been 6 months in the making and it’s easy to see that these guys really put their heart and soul into providing an unforgettable performance. Workman is jumping around like the energiser bunny (where does he get all his energy?) And the buzz from the crowd just seems to spur the band on even more! Marcus Thurston on the guitar delivers some incendiary musicianship with solos that just blow you away.


It’s always nice to see a band that get involved with their fans and what can be more involved than knowing the name of a young lad who has posted videos of himself playing Vega songs on the fan site. Nick calls upon young lad Kyle to take to the stage, which he does though maybe a little apprehensively, whereby he passes him a guitar and asks ‘Do you know ‘What the Hell’?’ silly question, I think Kyle knows every Vega song! It’s safe to say that Kyle absolutely nails it! He won’t be forgetting this show in a hurry!


New drummer Hutch makes a welcome addition to the band while Michael Kew (guitars) tells the fans all about how he ‘’tried to be a Legend and spin the guitar round his neck  like Dan Reed Network’, sadly it resulted in scratches around his neck which look like he’s been attacked by a cat! James Martin on the keyboards displays a very atmospheric and enticing performance, especially for the intro to ‘One of a Kind’, while Tom Martin on the bass pummels the ear drums and maintains a tight rhythm section with Hutch.


They close off their set with ‘Saving Grace’ a really fast paced track with huge choruses and searing vocals. They decide they aren’t going to do the usual lets walk off the stage and pretend we aren’t doing an encore, instead the band stay where they are and call out to the audience ‘Do you want another one?’ of course we all know the answer to that one! Hell yes! Hutch kicks into a booming drum intro as they launch into their final song of the evening ‘Kiss Of Life’, a track that really showcases everything that makes Vega a great live band. Highly infectious lyrics, huge drums and bass, riffs aplenty and strong, clear vocals.


 Vega really have the qualities that take a band from being just good to being great, and they’re right there, teetering on the edge of being huge if only they received the recognition and push they deserve. Vega were on fire tonight which only fuelled the audiences love for them more. Such an amazing opening show for the tour!


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