VOODOO BLOOD - Groove Medicine Single Launch - Rebellion, Manchester 20.10.17



The underground music scene in 2017 boasts a plethora of exciting talent that is giving the big dogs a run for their money every day. Some of the best acts in the UK right now can be seen blazoning through tiny venues up and down the country.


Voodoo Blood are the cream of the crop for me. A band utterly perfect in their ambitions and aims. They are a blues rock band fronted by the devastating vocal prowess of Kim Jennett. A blues band that can take the traditionally elitist mentality of a metal crowd and lay waste to Bloodstock is a testament to their undeniable live presence. They seem to float everybody's boat. From extreme metal fans, to pop rock fans and everyone in between.


Kim separates herself from most of her peers due to the fact she has created a stage persona for herself in a very Bowie-esque tradition. Her alter ego “The Voodoo Woman” gives her the tools to become truly immersed in her performances without worrying about recompense for how she may come across.


Having seen the band multiple times. I knew what I was in for. The venue was brimming with Voodoo Blood t-shirts and there was an eager excitement for the band to take to the stage. 


A home crowd for Voodoo Blood saw them kick straight off without any frills.


The night was organised to promote the release of new single “Groove Medicine”. They released their first EP last year and have gigged heavily off the back of it. Gaining a strong and dedicated fan base across the UK. The set mainly compromised of the tracks from the EP and was obviously geared towards showing off the new single.


The bass intro. OOOFT. Chris Norris is a groove machine. Notable step up in composition here. They really have honed becoming a live unit. Kim's voice is hard to summarise but imagine Janis Joplin, Lzzy Hale, Robert Plant and Ann Wilson.... Yeah she is that good. If not better. Arguably one of the best singers in the UK gigging right now. We hear the vocals stretch into new falsetto territories which just shows off the endless weapons “The Voodoo Woman” has in her vocal arsenal.


I am excited to hear a full length album from the guys as I know they have a special release in them.









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