THE AGONY SCENE - Tormentor (Album)

15 years ago, Tulsa based metallers The Agony Scene began making waves within a rapidly evolving metalcore scene, bringing a refreshing slice of dark misery to the party with their eponymous debut record in 2003. With some of the heaviest guitars and drums in the scene at the time, the only thing heavier tended to be the subject matter with the lyrical content of 2005’s album ‘The Darkest Red’, being less ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ and more ‘wear your radial artery on your sleeve’. Being a teenager at the time I remember it making a massive impression on me and ...

BEN POOLE - Anytime You Need Me

Blues can come in many shades and sounds, and if your preference is traditional down and dirty blues, or guitars that can bring a tear to a glass eye, then Ben Poole’s’ latest album ‘Anytime You Need Me’ will either be way out of your comfort zone, or just maybe, it will open the door for your senses to appreciate a more modern upbeat interpretation of how the next generation of musicians can ‘get’ the blues...

FEAR ME DECEMBER - ‘Crystallized’ (EP)

Four blistering groove-heavy tracks burn the alt rock flame brightly from Manchester's FEAR ME DECEMBER, in their EP 'Crystallized', set to be released 7th September. 'Fight Me' launches straight in with thunderous drums, a good bassline and pop-punk tinged vocals. The song teams a heavy instrumental alongside a seemingly little girl voice; candy floss laced with vodka though, this girl kicks ass...

URNE - The Mountain Of Gold (EP)


In the wake of much loved doomy stoner metal lords Hang the Bastard splitting up, come Urne, a 3-piece tempo hopping hard rock outfit to bring us a taste of what we crave so much since HTB dis-banded. And that’s where the comparisons end. This is a new band with new material and it’s really, really great!

CHANDRIAN KILL - ‘Bring Out Your Dead’ (EP)


Taking their name from Patrick Rothfuss’ bestselling fantasy series The King Killer Chronicles, and weaving their sound from the merging of two creative minds with a plethora of metal history to aid their journey in the construction of their music, duo Nic Whitmore (vocals) and Ted Clark (guitar/songwriter) make up the Canterbury based band CHANDRIAN KILL...

SHOTGUN RODEO - By Hook Or By Crook


SHOTGUN RODEO have been treating heavy metal fans to their genre-blurring brand of hard and heavy music since they first formed in Trondheim, Norway in 2008. Describing themselves as “Heavy Metal on Steroids”, the band released EP’s ‘Dead End Massacre’ (2012) and ‘Guilty As Charged’ (2013) prior to releasing their debut album...

PRIMAL FEAR - Apocalypse

PRIMAL FEAR are without doubt one of the best power metal rock bands around. Over twenty years of coming up with consistently spectacular melodic harmonious powerful rock songs, their new album ‘APOCALYPSE’ was released yesterday (10th August) and is their 12th Album..

MSRY ‘Safety First’ (EP)



“BLEUGH!” – How else are you gonna kick start your debut EP?!

Speaking of kick’s, that’s generally how this EP feels - a series of kicks to the face delivered by chugging riffs and punishing drum beats that are so tightly knit together you’ll do well to stay on your feet, despite the fact that you’ll probably lose a few teeth...The combination of speed and grooves throughout opening track ‘S.I.C.K’ are so well...

GIOELI - CASTRONOVO - ‘Set The World On Fire’

If, like me, you love a bit of classic melodic rock, indulgently revisiting yesteryear with arena powerballads and soaring vocals, you will love this album! There is a real mix of fast-paced and slower, mellower songs, each with a signature pounding drum beat and lush vocal interplay between two of the best rock singers still around...


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