10 GAUGE - 'Rain's Comin'' (EP)



Old school rock is back, state Hertfordshire based rockers 10 Gauge, and you know what? They’re not wrong. Anyone with half an eye on the current UK scene will attest to the fact that retro is definitely in. This then is the perfect environment for 10 Gauge to launch their debut EP ‘Rain’s Comin’’, their own brand of late ‘80s sleaze meets contemporary alt-rock is ready made for the burgeoning scene.


The band approach the task with gusto, each track is pumped full of energy, and it’s easy to imagine them going down well in the live environment. However the flip side of such a healthy scene is the danger that you can get lost in the crowd, so the question is do 10 Gauge do enough to stand out?


Based on the evidence of the five tracks here the answer is: not yet. The tracks edge a little too easily towards the generic and leave little impression once you’ve stopped listening. The lyrics too often feel forced, and unless you’re Steel Panther the undercurrent of misogyny on ‘Dirty Lil’ Rich Girl’ is something that really should’ve been left in the ‘80s. Perhaps it’s tongue in cheek, but it still feels a little uncomfortable.


That’s not to say this EP isn’t without merit or promise, there are some stonking riffs on display and the more melodic moments, most noticeably on ‘Big Shot’, hint at a depth that it would be nice to see the band explore more on future releases. At the moment it feels like they’ve honed their sound live and now they need to work on their studio craft. But that’s exactly what these sort of releases are for, they can work out what does and doesn’t work on record while still flying under the radar.


The basic ingredients are all there, 10 Gauge just need to work on the recipe a bit. It’ll take work but they don’t seem like a band that are afraid to graft, so while ‘Rain’s Comin’’ might not quite be the finished article, I wouldn’t go dismissing these guys just yet. They feel like the sort of band that could well come back stronger.


Track Listing:

Your Own Flood

Big Shot

Hand You’re Dealt

Dirty Lil’ Rich Girl

Rain’s Comin’

10 gauge are:

TJ – Lead guitar

Rob Jewson – Vocals

Kieran Best – Rhythm guitar

Gareth Dearing – Bass

Neil Felgate –Drums


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