12 HOUR AVENUE - The D-Road (EP)


Sauntering into the tag team division of the rock ‘n’ roll ranks is the rock duo 12 HOUR AVENUE. Formed in 2016 in Buckinghamshire, the duo of Harry Cairns (Guitar) and Tobi  Stubbs (Drums & Vocals) bring a lot of potential and promise to the world of rock.

12 Hour Avenue gives us their debut EP ‘The D-Road’, delivering 6 tracks of rock that are filled with sliding riffs, bluesy undertones, heavy drums and vocals that sound like they’ve been soaked in whiskey and sandalwood for the past 25 years. Get ready to add some swagger to your day.

In amongst the angsty raw vocals on tracks such as ‘Roseanne’ and ‘Last Minute’ there are weaved some absolutely stunning riffs from Harry. ‘Waiting For You’ has this smooth intro that is really laid bare and relaxed. It’s got a chilling quality to it, the vocals from Tobi sliding in with muffled tones that seem to  seep into your skin and stay there, they are hauntingly beautiful and complement those bare guitar chords so perfectly until the drums kick and the track takes it up a notch on the pleasure scales. If you like your rock infused with bluesy riffs then this track will stand out for you no doubt. It’s got a swagger that feels immensely satisfying and it’s definitely my favourite track on their EP.

I know there are several rock duo’s out there that really do kick rock ass in the tag team division; Royal Blood, The White Stripes, Local H to name but a few, and on first reading that 12 Hour Avenue was a duo I was slightly apprehensive about how much of a sound they'd be able to deliver, too many dup falls short of those catchy hooks and layered feel to their music. Saying that, there are occasions on the EP that there feels like there’s too much open space or not enough variety in the rhythm and beat. ‘Roseanne’ despite the immensely raw vocals that sound amazing, I do feel that there could be more meat in this particular song. The ascending drum and guitar combo does work really well and there are those wonderful riffs again but for me this track is probably the weakest on the EP I’m afraid, plus the abrupt ending really didn’t sit well with me.

But, thankfully, those moments are fleeting and overshadowed by tracks like ‘Root’ and ‘Pretty Grey’, the latter of which will gets those hips swaying as you rock along to this track, both tracks thunder in and take turns to fill your ears with some amazing fret work and drum rhythms. The shake up on the tempo works really well and there is a huge amount of promise for the future for 12 Hour Avenue. ‘Rundown’ has those huge chunky guitars that you would expect fro a rock duo, delivering heavy blows on the drums and a rhythm that is satisfyingly good that will get you swaying again.


Having played several live gigs so far this year, including the Lope Stage at FrogFest, The Horn in Saint Albans, and competing in MK11’s Battle of The Bands, 12 Hour Avenue are beginning to build a good fan base. They are currently recording and tweaking material ready for their second EP release in July 2018 and are set to support Far Suns Fall on August 10th at The Fighting Cocks, Kingston-Upon-Thames. So get yourself down there to see these guys live.


12 Hour Avenue are:

Harry Cairns - Guitar
Tobi Stubbs - Drums & Vocals


‘The D-Road’ tracklist:

Last Minute
Pretty Grey
Waiting For


Check out more from 12 Hour Avenue at the following links.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/12houravenue/


YouTube videos:

‘Rundown’-  https://youtu.be/d9mb_p15Y_A
‘Waiting For’ - https://youtu.be/sdQgWXKrI68

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